Are you a newly launched start-up or small business who can’t afford to hire your own designer to create with your brand logo, business card designs etc.? Tailor Brands can help you with branding at an affordable price…

Tailor Brands is a revolutionary branding platform which uses Machine learning algorithms to create unique and creative logos along with various brand identities like business cards, branded presentations, social media pages etc. They have an entirely automated process with which you can create customized logos and brand identities without the need for any technical or design expertise.

Initial launch and funding

Tailor Brands was founded in the year 2014 by Yali Saar, Nadav Shatz and Tom Lahat. It received an initial seed funding of $1.1M from Disruptive Technologies and then a $4 million Series A funding from Disruptive Technologies and Mangrove Capital Partners.

Yali Saar presented his company in the Start-up Battlefield back in 2014 at TechCrunch Disrupt which was very amateur during that time. The system has become a lot more mature and useable at present but still, there are few things to improve. Tailor Brands currently have their offices in Brooklyn, New York and Tel Aviv, Israel.

The motive:

Yali Saar, the current CEO of Tailor Brands started his company with an intention to automate the entire set of services which is offered by a conventional branding company. The company developed a powerful algorithm that uses machine learning techniques to design customized logs, social media campaigns and various promotional products with a unique brand identity for the company.

The aim of is to democratize design and help small and local businesses who can’t afford to hire an in-house designer for creating the brand identities required for their business.

Flexible and customized designs

They have developed a special algorithm that incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence to create custom designs of your choice. Any customer without design experience or technical expertise can subscribe to the Tailor Brands package and design their own logos and business cards instantly. The software gives the complete flexibility for customers to design brand logos as per their taste. It is very user-friendly and allows you to customize the fonts/style for the brand identities you wish to create.

Professional designs at affordable price

The Branding industry is huge with annual revenue of more than billion dollars and bigger Companies can afford to hire their own designers for creating their brand logos and brand identities. But small businesses and start-ups that operate on tighter budgets won’t be able to afford in-house graphic designers to hire their brand logos, business cards, bags, pens, mugs, social media profiles and various online identities.

Tailor Brands aims to help such customers and make the branding industry accessible to all the local businesses at an affordable price. A professional graphic designer can charge you anywhere from $1000 to $20000 for designing your brand logo, social media pages, and online materials depending on the quality and amount of work. Using Tailor Brands’ system, you can create professional quality designs at a tenth of the price that will be required when you hire an in-house designer.


Tailor Brands charges the customers between $24 and $99 depending on the subscription package they chose. The final amount depends on whether you want just a simple logo or an entire package of marketing materials. If you choose a yearly subscription package with Tailor Brands, you are charged just $2.99/month for simple brand logo design.

But if you want to design the complete brand strategy for your company including Seasonal logs, Facebook Ads, Business Cards, Branded Watermarks and Social covers design, you should choose the premium package which costs $10.99/month for a yearly subscription. If you choose the premium package, you can also edit the logos any number of times and then Re-download them.

Three companies are currently evaluating the Tailor brands system and planning to replace their current design.

It really works…

Tailor Brands system allows any new user to try out a free sample logo design by providing their company name, tagline and a brief description about the company. Once you provide these details, it takes you through a list of options where you can choose the fonts and styles you wish.  The system does not accept lengthy taglines and also brand names with special characters like -,*, #, % etc. which makes it difficult to use for companies which have such special characters in their name.

You can choose whether you want an Icon-based, Initial-based or Name-based logo for your company. We found there were limited options to select for the Icon-based logo and the collection of abstract shapes were quite less. We tried creating a logo for the famous Coco-cola brand, but the system did not allow the use of hyphen since it was special character.

So, we tried without using any special characters and got a decent logo along with business cards and social media pages. Once we were done, the system asked for us to subscribe when we tried to download the logos. The overall design experience was very smooth and it took us less than 3 minutes to get these designs ready.