Even the most successful business can struggle financially at times. With energy prices, taxes and other expenditure, it can be difficult to balance everything out. However, you may not want to go for the obvious money saving option and lay off staff, so what other options are there?

You need to look at all of your expenditure and see if there are any possible ways you can cut spending. Is there anything that is not needed? Is everything as efficient as it can be? Here are some other tips to try and reduce your costs.

Energy costs

When it comes to heating and lighting, there isn’t any way you can turn them off when they are needed. However, there may be some ideas to using your energy more efficiently. Take a look at the windows and doors in your office. If there are significant gaps in the seals or the windows do not close properly, then you are letting the heat escape the room and wasting money.

Hire a contractor to repair and reseal the windows and doors to prevent loss of heat; this should allow you to lower the heating temperature and save money.

Lighting is also essential. The type of light you use can have a significant effect on your energy bills; therefore, try swapping to lower energy bulbs such as LED which use less energy and will cost less to run.

Computer costs

If you are running your own computer systems, then you are most likely paying for repairs, upgrades, and other expenses. You could change over to a hosted system that is run from the cloud. These are hosted by companies such as Umbee Hosting who will look after all your data and run the system for you. Because you only pay for what you are using, it can dramatically reduce your running costs.

The other benefit is that because it has a shared remote desktop that can be accessed from anywhere, your employees can work from home, saving your office space.

Buy used equipment

It might sound odd, but there is no need to buy new equipment if you can find used items that are in good condition. It will allow you to be more productive with your finances and you will be able to get more for your money.

Also, keep an eye out for sensible deals that can save you money long term. You want to make sure that the offer is a good one, but it might just make the difference between being able to replace something now, and leaving it a little longer.


Some companies will allow a discount on your invoices if you pay them early. In some cases, if you pay within ten days instead of 30 days, they will take around 2% off the total. This might not seem much, but if all your clients did this, it would soon mount up.

With these and other measures, you should be able to reduce your expenditure and save money long term. Not only does this mean a larger ROI, but it provides you with the finances to expend your business at a later date.