You know the saying, “time is money”. So, when your employees aren’t performing at their best, you can only imagine the amount of money that’s going down the drain. While it doesn’t mean that you’ve hired poor performers, what it does mean is that you need to assess all processes and employees to find a way to streamline and improve productivity.

From increased workloads and poor healthcare to lack of training programs and the need for improved systems, there are a lot of reasons that productivity can decline in the workplace. As a business owner, it will be your job to pinpoint which factors are hurting your workforce and which options will best solve the matter. Below are some more common and uncommon ideas to boost productivity and morale in the workplace.

1. A cup of Joe and plenty of snacks

Are your coworkers a bit sluggish in the mornings? Well, according to LifeHack, approximately 46% of the population believes that going without a fresh cup of coffee in the mornings can cause their productivity to decline. Something as simple as ordering coffee for the office and having fresh donuts, Danishes, or fruit can go a long way in improving the mood and productivity level of your employees.

Tak, for instance, Aramark Refreshment Services. The company offers offices tea and coffee services that comes complete with utensils, supplies, and a coffee machine monthly. You can always ensure that the office is stocked with coffee so that your employees can get their daily dose of caffeine.Offer Incentives

2. Offer incentives

Although incentives like great salaries and health benefits can be incentive to get employees through the door, you’ll need to consider other ways to incentivize your staff throughout their time with your company. Now, incentives don’t have to be expensive, but you do want them to be something that your staff can really appreciate. Whether you offer them additional time off, bonuses every six months, considerations for promotions after a year of employment, or a company picnic every summer where they can invite their families, they’ll be appreciative and more inclined to be productive to receive those incentives.

3. Upgrade devices or programs

Technology has become an intricate part of all businesses. If it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded the computers, printers, and mobile devices in the office, it may be time to do so. With newer technologies being developed every day, there is likely devices and equipment that can help streamline processes, therefore, helping employees to complete their jobs faster. The same goes for outdated software.

4. Improved training programs

If you’re implementing new processes without properly educating your staff you can expect to see a decline in productivity. The same is also true if you’re not properly training new staff on systems and processes. To keep everyone on one accord, it is ideal to have periodic training to educate veteran employees on how to complete new processes while also properly instructing new employees.

5. Outsource or hire more help

When you look at the amount of work you have coming in daily to the number of employees you have, are the workloads balanced appropriately? Or do you have employees that are overworked and completing assignments that don’t match their skillset? If the latter is true you should consider outsourcing specialized tasks or hiring staff with a varying set of skills to help take the load off of your existing employees.

6. Team building events

How well does your team trust one another? Does your customer service department know what your marketing department does and vice versa? Team building exercises and events is a great way to get employees interacting with one another which can often improve productivity. When employees learn how to effectively work together through training exercises and fun activities, they ultimately display the same behavior in the workplace.

Productivity decreases are common in the workplace. It kind of comes with the territory. As a business owner, it will be imperative to first detect when productivity is slowing and to properly execute the right steps to improve it. Each of the above tips will help to not only improve workplace productivity but help to make your employees that much more successful.