Productivity, as you probably know from reading our site is crucial to the successful business. When your company is productive, more work is completed throughout the day, and this raises profit levels as well as efficiency.

As such, in simple terms, you get more for less. Thus it is in your best interest to think about productivity and consider how to make your business more productive. To do this, you should look into redesigning your office, making some changes with everything from tech to interior decor.

Change the layout of your desk

The first step is making sure you change the layout of the desks. By doing this, you will encourage interconnectivity in the office. This can be very beneficial as will lead to new ideas and fresh perspectives on issues that employees might be having with their work or projects. To do this, you should consider removing the walls between cubicles in the bullpen.

Once these have been taken down, you can push the desks together creating one or several unified workspaces. You can then have different sections of your company working in unison at each larger desk. Do take into consideration that this won’t work for every type of business model. However, it will always be beneficial in any workspace that will thrive on creativity and imagination. As such, it could be a great benefit in industries like marketing and design.

If you do choose this type of layout, you should consider having independent workspaces around the edge of the office. This will be useful when individual workers want to operate away from the beehive type state of the rest of the office.

You should think about the colors in your office too. Certain colors have different effects on the state of mind. For instance, beige has been shown to be soothing. So, if you want to reduce the levels of stress in a busy office, you might consider repainting. Don’t forget, stress can severely alter productivity levels because employees will find it difficult to concentrate on tasks at hand.

Beige colors can have the same effect. Or, you might want to make your staff more energetic and imaginative. Bright, vibrant colors have been shown to have this effect, though you’ll want to steer clear of red. It’s not just bulls that have been shown to grow angry at this color.

Invest in the right technology for better and faster business process

How about adding some tech to your office that could really improve productivity? It’s fair to say that technology can dramatically impact the state of the working office. For instance, if you want to cut out time wastage you should consider perfecting your computer network.

You want connections between different employees and other members of your team to be as rapid as possible. A cloud server can help you do this, connecting different parts of the office as well as areas of your business that exist outside the main property.

Of course, cloud servers aren’t the only tech that could boost productivity levels. Why not forget about the water cooler and instead add a coffee machine to your office? According to 7 Grams Coffee, you’ll be able to improve productivity one cup at a time, and that’s probably true. When you drink coffee, the caffeine stimulates the brain, allowing you to stay awake and alert.

It’s worth pointing out that many people drink so much coffee they are almost completely dependent on it to function effectively. You’ve probably got quite a few people in your office who need their cup of joe in the morning. Provide it next to their desk, and you’ll probably see productivity levels and job satisfaction scores sore!

Don’t forget that sometimes time is wasted in the office because employees can’t find the information or file that they need. Well, this can be quickly corrected with a digital filing system. That way employees are only ever a click away from the right data. As such, it’s easy for them to stay productive and deliver a better level of service to your clients.

Comfortable as can be

Last but not least you might want to think about improving the comfort levels of employees in your office. It is worth thinking about whether you can ensure that they are not in pain or distress due to their work environment and you definitely want to avoid serious issues like Repetitive strain injury (RSI).

RSI can be avoided quite simply by ensuring that workers take regular breaks and have great chairs for back support. This can be avoided quite simply by ensuring that workers take regular breaks and have great chairs for back support.