If you have struggled to stay awake during the morning commute, the chances are that you reside in London.

According to some fascinating research completed by Direct Blinds, the capital is home to the most jaded passengers in the whole of the UK. This is particularly true at London Bridge Station, which has the highest proportion of early trains to passengers and hosts 42 commuter trains leaving between 6.30am and 8.30am during weekdays.

In fact, the South of England as a whole boasts a far higher proportion of tired commuters than regions in the North, highlighting an intriguing divide that defies traditional geographical stereotypes.

It also means that southerners are far more likely to be in need of a morning espresso to kick-start their day, while they may also be required to follow the following steps to energise their mornings:

1. Fuel your body and mind

Let’s start with a basic assertion; breakfast defines your physical condition for the day. What you eat will determine your energy levels throughout the morning and the entirety of the day, with lean protein, vegetables and fruit (and particularly bananas) capable of delivering slow-releasing energy that can sustain you over a longer period while enhancing your level of mental focus.

In contrast, refined sugar creates a false high that quickly fades, making likely that you will experience a sudden crash around mid-morning. This can make you feel exceptionally tired, while you may find it hard to maintain concentration at work.

In terms of beverages, it is important to note that coffee is not the only stimulant that can kick-start your morning. Natural fruit juice provides a number of vitamins that can make your feel more alert, for example, why rehydrating with water is also to be recommended.

If you are going to drink coffee, make sure that you invest in a high-quality beverage that uses fresh-roasted beans. This will provide you with the right kind of stimulus as you look to boost your activity levels.

2. Ignore your messages

Many people believe that the early morning commute provides the ideal opportunity to get a head start on their work.

This is not to be advised, however, as this can only serve to increase your working hours, make you feel increasingly tired and exacerbate symptoms such as eye strain.

So rather than working or searching through messages on your smartphone, you should strive to relax and enjoy the morning papers. A short, power nap of 30 minutes or so may also help you to feel energized while ensuring that you are able to take a break from the daily grind.

3. Try to be cheerful, positive and upbeat

It is a well-known fact that you use more face muscles to frown than you do to smile, and a similar principle can be applied to your mood. More specifically, it takes far more mental effort to remain sad or downcast, while remaining positive and laughing at every opportunity releases endorphins that instantly elevate your mood.

So, by taking the proactive approach of being cheerful in the morning, you can energize your mind and combat any sense of tiredness or fatigue that used to weigh heavy on your mind.

We understand that it may hard to sustain this mood or spread any sense of joy once you arrive at the office, but we would recommend focusing on yourself and attempting to remain positive at all times throughout the day.