Many past and present restaurant owners will tell you it wasn’t so much about the money that inspired them to open a restaurant, but more about their passion for making mouth-watering meals that people would enjoy. Keeping a restaurant opening during the first two years is a task that takes everything out of you. You’re constantly adjusting to your customer’s needs and trying to mold a stellar staff and menu.  If you are passionate about cooking you have a better chance of survival. If however, it’s just about the money, you should pursue another line of business.

Being available 24/7

When you first open the restaurant, your role is everything. You’re the owner, the cook, the hostess, and the manager. During the first two years, your direct involvement will play a vital role in determining whether or not your business succeeds. Once you go beyond that period of time, you can slowly remove yourself from certain areas of the operation and allow your qualified help to assume the role entirely.


Opening a new restaurant whether from the ground up or through the use of an existing structure will require a decisive plan. You’ll need to design the kitchen according to your staff’s needs so that everyone can do their job without tripping over one another. You’ll also need to spare no expense on equipment. It’s best to shop around to places like and get the 5 star rated oven versus the 2 star for a few thousand less.

The last thing you need to worry about is one of your ovens calling it quits during the dinner rush on a Friday night. In addition to high-quality equipment, you’ll also need regular maintenance. Most suppliers offer a contract whether you choose to rent or purchase the equipment that includes parts under warranty.

This is something you might want to take advantage of when in the market for restaurant-grade kitchen necessities. While you may think that it’s something you don’t need, this is not an area where you should worry about saving a few dollars.

Location, location, location

You’ve heard this phrase from realtors, but it’s the absolute truth and the restaurant business is no exception. You need to be where people pass by while driving to gain free exposure and to make it a place that they are able to find easily. If you’re not out in the open but rather on a back road somewhere, this essentially free form of advertising is lost. Also, make sure that the location you are interested in has plenty of parking and allows people to get in and out quickly to increase the chances of a return visit.

Create your own brand of decor

When you advertise a new business many people will go just to check it out. That’s the easy part. The hard part comes with getting them to revisit and tell their family and friends about what a wonderful experience they had. In order to offer the wow factor, you need to design the interior as an individual and not as a corporate location where everything looks the same. Here’s where your creative side can let loose and come up with something out of the norm and get customers to have not only a great meal but an awesome environment. Have fun selecting a theme and colors and then add your decor accordingly.

Hire the right people

No one likes interviews and because of this, your first instinct may be to hire the first responders to your help wanted ad. Unfortunately, unless you interview extensively you won’t know much about their background. Take your time and start early looking for your staff as they play a vital role in how your customers will rate their experience. Create training manuals and hand them out to everyone you hire and let them know that you expect them to read it and abide by it.