You are probably not new to online learning. But most online knowledge sharing platforms consist of pre-recorded classes.  Zeqr aims to change that.

Instead of a massive one-size-fits-all approach, Zeqr allows you to connect with experts and schedule live one-on-one video sessions. Call it coaching, consulting, mentoring or teaching — live one-on-one talks have proven to be an effective way to impart knowledge or learn from verified experts.

On Zeqr, experts, people or businesses selling knowledge, offer classes based on their expertise at an hourly rate, class length, and the maximum number of participants is determined by them.

“Zeqr is a mission to revolutionize the way people share knowledge across the globe,” said Daniel Hedlund, Zeqr’s COO. “The world is full of experts and inquisitive individuals, but often the two remain disconnected, particularly when their interests converge over a niche subject.”

How Zeqr works

Zeqr connects experts from around the world with seekers of knowledge (SMEs, entrepreneurs, employees, students, and the ever-learning individual) in a live and interactive session.

Xperts, people or businesses selling knowledge, offer classes based on their expertise at an hourly rate, class length, and the maximum number of participants that is determined by them.

Zeqrs, those seeking knowledge, are enabled to find the xperts, classes, schedules, rates, etc. that best fit their individual needs. Classes are listed by categories and they can also be browsed using the search function, with numerous filters available.

The exchange of money and knowledge happens between the Xpert and the Zeqr. Zeqr Ltd. is only an intermediary that makes a small percentage of the transaction as the facilitator.

A unique opportunity for experts to make extra money

There are several ways to earn money as an Xpert. One way is to provide classes to Zeqrs based on your expertise. Another way is to submit proposals to Zeqrs who have posted a need for expertise – a class request.

To be successful in these two ways, it is important to ensure that you are timely in your communication, provide valuable knowledge and information to Zeqrs, and only take on what you have the time and ability to complete at the best possible quality possible – these elements will help you receive high ratings and, consequently, be more sought after as an Xpert.

If you are a professional expert in your field, you can easily create a class and teach your skills to businesses, or individuals from around the world. You can set your own schedule and choose the fee to charge for your services.

From businesses who want to further train their employees and individuals who want to learn a new skill so they can be promoted to companies and people who want to share their knowledge and thus grow their businesses – Zeqr has it all.

Guy Kawasaki is a Xpert at Zeqr. “I’m delighted to offer two exclusive sessions on the Zeqr platform. These sessions will reflect years of insight and experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, and fund raising. I love Zeqr’s vision of changing the way people share information and learn in the digital age,” says Kawasaki.