Entrepreneurship is a 24/7 job. Launching a startup and growing a business can be a round the clock career. Yet, even the most passionate and hard working entrepreneur can struggle with motivation and productivity. Here are five tech solutions to implement that can help you remotely stay in communication and on track toward your goals no matter where you’re working.

1. On-the-go connectivity

Remote working centers around a seamless and easily available connection. This means that for telecommuters who travel frequently for work, connecting to mobile networks anywhere, at any time, is essential. One solution is choosing mobile processors designed to power your devices efficiently, quickly and reliably.

Qualcomm Snapdragon cellular modems offer a long battery life feature, which keeps you working between charges without affecting any productivity. These tools enhance mobile working experiences without connectivity interruption, whether you need to access files in the cloud or join a conference call.

2. Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro Technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo in the ‘80s, stems from the belief that the best productivity comes from working in short bursts and 25-minute intervals at most. This popular productivity method is lauded for supporting its benefits to fight distractions and train the brain.

Implementing the Pomodoro technique into your work habits rewards you with a break after forcing yourself to focus on working solidly for a set amount of time. Zapier, a web app integration and workflow automation solution, features a list of Pomodoro Technique app options that you can apply to your work processes.

3. Distraction-free focus

With entertainment and chats with friends a click way, it’s easy to veer off course while working on your computer. If your productivity suffers because of distractions, the time management app Rescue Time can help you focus when your mind is scattered. Mashable recommends this tool for analyzing and maximizing your efficiency.

The app’s Focus Mode feature blocks sites that you’ve selected as distracting and sends a warning screen, so you can continue to stay on track. At the end of the workday, you can survey how much time you spent on apps and websites, as well as see highlights of your accomplishments. You can also receive notifications that alert you on how much time you spend on an activity, which helps you create better work-life balance.

4. Team management

Managing a team as a business owner means that overall productivity rests on the responsibility of all team members. Asana is a team management tool for tracking work to get real results within the team. This resource helps teams move their project forward by delegating tasks organized into a project, monitoring progress and displaying to-do lists for individuals.

Ongoing conversations among team members can turn into actionable tasks. Tasks are customizable to match workflows. Select project deadlines, upload attachments, send virtual “thank you’s” and more — no matter where you or your employees are working. Even if you’re not in an office together, Asana helps teams efficiently and effectively interact and complete projects.

5. Goal setting

The best way to conquer overwhelming, long-term goals is to break them down into small goals. One way to keep moving forward and eliminate procrastination or distraction is to set daily goals every morning before doing anything else. You can do this simply right on your smartphone’s notepad, Google docs or a text document saved to Dropbox.

Digitally documenting your goals and the tasks to achieve the goals is a way to embed them into your mind. Your goals don’t even have to be 100 percent work-related. Setting healthy goals to work out or go to bed at a certain time can also support top-notch productivity during the workday.

A decline in productivity is not uncommon. It can seep into the workflow of any entrepreneur, despite heart, passion, willpower or determination. Maximize your day by adopting any of these tools and solutions. The most successful entrepreneurs can recognize when there’s struggle in productivity and lean on the support of even technology to get right back on track.