Every business promises to deliver value for prospective customers. To deliver the best value, it’s important to understand your customers. Data is just as much of a product as the product or service you sell. The importance of measuring data cannot be stressed enough.

A/B tests is a brilliant way to find out what resonates with your customers. A/B testing involves experimenting with two types or variations of a landing page, ad text, a headline, call-to-action form or just about any other element on your website.

Omniconvert wants to empower marketers around the world to create marketing campaigns that matter to consumers in a smart way.

Omniconvert is a suite that integrates three major aspects of conversion – web personalization, surveys, and A/B testing – into one compact and complete conversion optimization solution.

The software is designed to help businesses understand their consumers while significantly enhancing their conversion rate simultaneously.

Omniconvert provides businesses and consumers the bridge they need to improve conversion. Surveys enables clients to voice out and send feedback which gives business high-value quality insights that they use to implement data-driven optimization processes.

With interaction with the right types of audiences and delivering messages that matter, Omniconvert is now the conversion optimization tool of choice for many international brands, including Avon, T-Mobile, and Meli Melo to name a few.

Omniconvert gives you the platform you need to effectively tests your ideas that is driven by high-quality data and leads.

By integrating three essential components of conversion into one unified, comprehensive software, Omnicovert simplifies the way businesses to do the following: collect client feedback; take highly valuable and actionable insights and turn them into ideas; personalize messages to ensure that they reach their intended audiences and be acted upon; and initiate and maintain interaction with the right audience.

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