Business owners in Hong Kong benefit from a dynamic real estate market. Over the last decade, the variety of commercial real estate has increased, and there are now more options than ever before. This had the effect of opening up opportunities for smaller companies. If you don’t have to settle for a five-year lease, you have more control over your future.

It is why the emergence of serviced offices has revolutionised the concept of corporate workspaces. These flexible suites are great value for money because all of the utilities and basic requirements are included in the monthly fee. Visit to take a look at some of the best facilities in central Hong Kong.

This guide to the key features of serviced workspaces will give you some ideas on what to prioritise when relocating.

Know Your Real Estate

The first step is to get to grips with the concept of serviced workspaces, particularly if you’ve never used them before. They’re actually very simple. Tenants pay to lease a private space, as they would a conventional office.

The difference is that these offices come fully kitted out and ready to be used from day one. Unless you request otherwise, the décor, furniture, and broadband will be set up and waiting for you.  The cost of cleaning, heating, and lighting is included in the single monthly rental fee.

Identify Your Needs

To know if a serviced provider suits your needs, you’ve got to identify them. These facilities can be rather varied and cater to all kinds of businesses, so work out precisely which resources and perks you want. High-speed broadband is essential and always included in packages.

Things like boardroom access, receptionist services, and administrative support can be added permanently or used as and when you require them. Ultimately, you decide how much contact and support to have with the provider. They are committed to helping you build a great home.

Get the Location Right

Location is really important for small businesses because the right spot can lead to major opportunities. If you’re an established brand, you can get away with moving further away from investors; the chances are, they’ll follow you anyway.

If you’re new to the market though, it’s your job to chase down those leads and deals. Position your business in an office which is central to all the action. Addresses like the Hong Kong Club Building and One Peking Road are associated with big money and big reputations.

Ask about the Future

One of the biggest benefits of going serviced is the ability to remain flexible and in control of the future. Unlike traditional office leases, these providers do not ask for an inescapable commitment. There are no fees or penalties if you want to leave the agreement early.

What your provider will do is try to find out what’s missing. It’s common for serviced vendors to offer tenants smaller or larger suites, in the same building, depending on the reason for their relocation. There are no extra charges for moving offices within the same facility.

How to Find a Superb Serviced Home

As mentioned, there are a number of these facilities in central Hong Kong. Just pick the location which best matches your needs and contact the vendor. It is easy to arrange onsite tours, and this is recommended because it will give you a chance to scrutinise the current features and resources.

Check out some of the private suites, ask questions about basic cleaning and maintenance schedules, and chat with existing tenants if possible. They’ll be able to give you honest, unbiased feedback about whether going serviced is the secret to a successful future. Although, try not to worry too much, because you can always change things if the terms don’t satisfy.