Your product is a hit, you’re flooded with requests from around the world, and business is booming.  Great, right?  Not necessarily.  In order to keep up with demand, build customer loyalty, and avoid shipping headaches, it’s time to invest in a proper global trade management software software solution.

Your supply chain management team will thank you!

Gain Prestige Worldwide

The Internet has made nearly everything at arms’ length for consumers. Customers from around the world are demanding products delivered to almost every continent, and they want it fast and cheap. In a global market, if you’re not first you’re out of business.

Having an effective and efficient logistics software solution to manage your global supply chain is essential to holding and growing your foothold in the global market. Not only will you be able to access customers across the planet, but you’ll be better able to research and manage shipping costs, allowing you to deliver your products at a rate your competitors can’t beat.

Where in the World is my Package?

Delayed and lost packages are key contributors to returns and lost revenues. Without parcel shipping software designed to tackle the challenges of global trade, your business is inviting significant losses due to mistakes outside your control.

By having trusted global trade management software in place you maintain control of the shipping process and can keep tabs of your shipments to every corner of the map. In addition, a proper shipping solution will auto prepare all of the shipping and customs documentation specific to the destination, to ensure that your products don’t get lost in customs translation.

By having your shipments arrive on time, as promised, your customers will trust you and your brand over the unreliable competition.

One Stop Shop

Some companies avoid a global trade management solution by renting, purchasing, or building storage or warehouses across the planet.  In the past this type of solution may have been necessary but with today’s improvements to logistics management and shipping such a solution is archaic, expensive, and unrealistic for most businesses.

Having a global trade management software solution allows you to keep your products within your control. You don’t have to worry about dealing with foreign governments, contracting and overseeing warehouse construction, or products being stored outside your reach. Instead, your products are always at your fingertips and ready for shipping to customers, regardless of the product’s final destination.

The Price is Right

In the end, if you’re shipping products worldwide, you cannot afford to ignore a global trade management software solution.  Without a solution in place, your business will be paying too much for shipping, dealing with customs hassles, and suffering from lost or returned packages.

Global shipping is precision work, and the right software will give you a leg up on your competition by meeting demand, keeping delivery promises, and getting your products into the hands of customers at the best price.

If it’s time to go global, make sure you do it right!