Many business professionals lead busy lives. They have projects to manage, meetings to attend, tasks to accomplish, documents to organize, and emails to reply. With the right tool, your busy life can be managed without wasting time.

You can get more work done with the right daily routine, productive system and a great productivity tool. In fact, it’s possible to get more done every day without feeling overwhelmed.

Imagine streamlining your administration, no more email, automatic filing, remote access to your work, improved security, personal productivity reporting, and customer communication on steroids.

GetBusy wants to offer you a better way to speak to your team and customers, with everything you need to get work done.

You can organize your work, communicate with your team and customers, and get more work done, using one simple productivity and communication tool. “We want to allow businesses to create stronger relationships with their customers,” says GetBusy’s chief executive Daniel Rabie.

Chief technology officer Ben Oliver added: “We all know what it’s like when you’ve got hundreds of emails and tasks to go through. You just procrastinate, and that then harms your customer relationships.”

GetBusy is a London Stock Exchange, AIM listed, success story with 617k registered online users and counting.

GetBusy is now open for Pre-Beta with lots of swag and prizes.

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