Running a business requires you to do more than offering a great product or service. You must develop a standout brand that creates intrigue and builds trust. Yet, some businesses often overlook its importance when launching a new company. That’s why we are offering 11 steps to creating a successful brand.

1. Stop Playing It Too Small

The first thing you must do when developing a creative brand is to stop underselling yourself. If you believe a business has potential, stop playing it too small and start selling your brand to your target demographic. Don’t feel intimidated by other large or small competitors and go out there and grab your share of the market. Don’t be afraid to create a big and bold brand that is completely different to your industry rivals, as your image could become your USP.

2. Establish Your Voice

Become a thought leader in your industry by establishing a voice and creating an online presence. One of the best ways to showcase your brand to a larger audience is by guest blogging on high authority websites, and ensure they will appeal to your target market.

Try to create content that your desired demographic would want to read while ensuring it complements a website’s theme. Reach out to various bloggers and online magazine editors to contribute a well-written and insightful article that people will want to share across social media to boost your exposure.

3. Start Networking

In addition to promoting your brand to clients or customers, you should also reach out to businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers by networking. Attend networking events relevant to your industry to mix with like minded individuals, go to a professional event to mix with entrepreneurs or investors, and connect with people using social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

4. Reach Out to the Media

Whether you are working for yourself or a business, there is no reason why you cannot promote a brand with the help of the press. Look for an angle that will encourage journalists large or small to feature your brand online, in newspapers or magazines. Promote an upcoming launch, share your road to success, or become a voice for your industry on a news story relevant to your industry. It could position you as a go-to authority in your industry.

5. Don’t Mimic Other Brands

The one thing you must never do is imitate another brand. Try to create a unique identity that will establish your authenticity and originality, which will differentiate your brand from your industry rivals. As a result, customers will be queuing at your door to invest in your products or services.

6. Create Intrigue

Nowadays, you need to do more than adding your logo to everything to establish your brand. Generate intrigued by looking for ways to successfully promote your brand, tone, and image. There are a million and one ways you can create a forward-thinking brand, from developing creating engaging email marketing campaigns to promoting a business using lenticular printing to grab an audience’s attention.

7. Promote Your Content on Social Media

One of the most powerful promotional tools at your disposal is, of course, social media. While direct promotional messages can boost brand awareness and increase your profits, there are many other ways to utilize the platforms.

Promoting compelling content will not provide followers with a hard sell, but can provide them with interesting information regarding your industry. If people like what they read, they may turn to your social media channel and website to read more from you, which can increase both sales and brand loyalty. It can take time to build up a loyal following, but it is an effective method for boosting your brand recognition over time.

However, don’t become too self-involved as you could quickly bore your followers, who may unlike your page and will not consider your brand when in need of your products or services. Allow a marketing expert to handle the social media pages, so they can continually provide helpful, relevant content to your online followers.

8. Partner with Local Businesses

Consider partnering with other local businesses to improve your brand awareness in your region. For example, you could jointly sponsor a seminar or festival. You can also sponsor a local sports team, sporting event or a charity event. Establish your brand in your local area before expanding gradually until you achieve international domination.

9. Give Away Freebies

Everyone loves something for nothing, right? One tried and tested way to promote a brand is by giving away some freebies to potential customers. You can guarantee people will love to receive a free pen, notepad, frisbee or cup. So, even if they don’t need your brand right away, the promotional items will be a welcome reminder when the time comes for a prospective customer to invest in your products or services.

10. Run a Social Media Competition

Remember when we said people love something for nothing? Well, you can use that to your brand’s advantage by running a social media contest. Ask friends to like, share and comment on a social media post to be in with a chance to win a prize. You can boost your brand’s exposure on social media, which can result in an increase of followers and, in turn, more customers.

11. Run A PPC Campaign

SEO is becoming increasingly competitive, and many brands are having to fight it out in the search engines to become the go-to brand. You can, therefore, provide your business with an advantage with a PPC campaign.

Targeted keyword research can catapult you to the top of Google for a relevant search. Even if a web user doesn’t click on your website, seeing your name at the top of the search engines can significantly improve your brand awareness.


Don’t rush into creating a brand. You must strive to be as creative, unique and innovative as possible in your approach, and it is wise to actively look for opportunities to differentiate your brand from your competitors to secure your success in your industry.