Almost everyone Today wishes to start their own business so that they can enjoy the best life has to offer, but it is said that to start a business you need an enormous amount of cash, an office or workplace or a warehouse and plenty of other resources like manpower, etc. Along with luck. I am here to prove this wrong. To start a business, you only need to have a clear head, awareness of your skills and the knowledge to sell them in the market.

Why start a business?

Before starting a business, you need to ask yourself that why do you want to have your own business? The answer is pretty simple, who doesn’t want to work on their own terms and be their own boss. If you own business no matter big or small, you will be one who will be running things around. It will be you deciding things, it will be your call and the best of all, you will do what you feel is right rather than to listen to some “Superior” that usually happens when you’re an employee.

Business vs. employment


Employees are usually treated as mere tools in an office, they work like machines from 9-5 and are given a small sum of money at the month’s end for their ”services.” Their growth stops and they remain static. For example, if you’re an employed in a writing firm, then you’ll forever be a writer. You won’t learn anything else; you keep on hitting that keyboard until you die.

There are many things to learn, for example, a writer could also learn a bit of graphic designing and maybe if he’s into learning new stuff. Then he can learn a little website development as well, just the basic stuff thou, now imagine, with these 3 skills combined, web development, content writing and graphic designing. He can ditch the office and start up his own work as now he can do the job of 3 people of by himself.


When you run your own business, then you are your own boss. You make the calls; it is your word that counts. Starting a business isn’t a child’s plays as the person has done proper homework regarding the kind of business he/she wants to start. Usually, the one who starts off a business has knowledge of multiple things; he can be a writer, coder, developer, designer, marketer, etc. A successful businessman is one who has the basic knowledge of different things. Therefore it won’t be easy to trick him.

In business, you grow from every perspective. You keep on updating yourself; you learn different stuff, new market trends, new things that can help you in promoting your business. You need to stay up to date if you want remain in the game. And then you grow financially.

Suppose you start small, with little or no investment but if you keep on working to achieve your, plan everything smartly and keep on moving forward then it is sure that your investment will bounce back to you by 3x times in just a few months. Therefore in a business, you will grow financially in a year way more than you could grow in 5 years under employment.

Steps to follow before starting a business

As I have said earlier, starting a business isn’t a child’s play. You need to do proper homework before starting a business otherwise all your hard work and time could go down the drain instantly. Therefore to help you out I have made a list of things you need to look at before starting your own business.

1. Planning

Every business needs some planning. You can’t just start a business with no knowledge of the financial models and the target market that you are aiming at. For that, you need to sit down, pick up a note book and do some proper research, before starting.

2. Business license

Not every business requires a business license, for example, if you’re starting your own magazine, newspaper, starting a partnership or beginning a corporation then you need to file in some paper work but as I have already said that not every business needs a license.

3. A domain name

A domain catchy domain name is significant, ditch the fancy stuff and come directly to the point, for example, if you have an e-store then call your domain like This is let the visitors know instantly that you have an online store and you are selling stuff. Save the fancy stuff for later when you’ve made out in the market.

4. A website

A website is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s time. You need to have a website if you want a rapid response. Developing a website isn’t that difficult as there are many web builders out there that can significantly help you in building your own website. I recommend that you start off with WordPress as it’s easy and best for beginners.

5. Marketing

A catchy domain name and a website aren’t any good if you have no visitors to it. You make people come to your site, marketing is required. Today marketing has taken many forms, like content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, paid marketing, etc. You don’t need to worry as information about these things are all available over the internet, and you can learn about overnight.

It really is that simple. Of course, you don’t need to be an expert marketer. All you need to have is basic knowledge about these things, and you are ready to hit the market. Just remember to make it clear what you\ are selling and to whom you are selling.

6. Products

In every business you are trying to sell something and earn capital, this is how a business works. It could be products that you’ve bought at a lower price and are now selling at a profitable rate, or you could be selling your services. It does not matter how much you sell, all you need to keep in mind is that the cycle must keep on moving and if it stops, then it’s probably because you’ve made a mistake and you need to correct it quickly otherwise the damage could become permanent.

Best 5 Businesses that start with Zero Investment!

Here I will provide you with a list of businesses that you can start without any massive financial investment.  All these businesses are very easy to start and require only basic planning. Perfect for people who are new to entrepreneurship.

1. Your creations

Start off by doing what you love, suppose you like to draw and paint, then simply put your hard work in a painting sell it off with a hefty price tag, if it’s worth it then there will be plenty of buyers. The same can be done if you are good at handicrafts. There are websites like eBay which helps creators make a profit out of their creations.

2. Skill-based services

If you have a unique skill that is good enough to generate money then what are you waiting for? Start using it as the primary revenue driver for your business. Suppose you’re good at fixing computers, all you need to do is properly advertise your skill to the target audience and then wait. Soon you’ll be getting calls that’ll fill your pockets.

3. In-house services

This is where you get you use your place as a source to generate capital. Set up a baby day care center where mothers can drop off their babies during work hours. You only need to take care of their babies, and it pays off good too, currently a very successful business in the USA, or there is an another option that you can start a tutoring home where children can come, and you can help them with your homework or their assignments.

4. Consulting

So you think that you know that market like the back of your head and you have spent a long time working and now you’re somewhat an expert in a particular field. If all that is really true and you really are an expert, then all you need to do is advertise about your experience and people who will or have recently started in that particular line of business will come to you just for your advice.

Apparently, nothing comes free, charge them according to and this way you can set up a consulting service. But do remember that you need to keep yourself updated otherwise your advice won’t do any good, resulting in a bad business.

5. Reselling

While this may seem that reselling requires some investment but I worked out a way in which you don’t need an investment. Thus no fear of loss too. Here you need a website, where you could show off the things that you are interested in selling. Be careful setting up the website as this will be a crucial part. Do not buy anything right away but make a note of the things that you are displaying for sale and that from where you can buy them.

Once you do that, you are ready to display them for sale on your website. Set the prices accordingly that aren’t too high or too low, a price that is profitable but is user pocket-friendly for the viewers. Now then the price is set, you need to advertise your website, and here social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help greatly.

And if you have done all the above correctly then you’ll soon start receiving orders from customers who are willing to buy from you. Once you get the order, buy the product and RESELL it, keep on doing this for a while until you have generated enough to buy products in bulk. This is a very profitable business and is currently the No.1 market in the entire world. You just need to play a bit wisely, and you’ll be rolling in cash in no time.


Above I have explained that why you should start a business? What is the difference between business and employment? What are the things that you must do before starting a business? And finally, I have also mentioned the top 5 businesses that start with zero investment. All the above businesses that I have mentioned are best for the people who are starting out as entrepreneurs.

The only thing that all young entrepreneurs should keep in mind is that they should know how to market their business properly. Their message to the people should be clear while being attractive, give it a little edge if possible, tell them what makes you different from the rest, what you can do for them that others can’t and finally the most important thing, always know your target audience.

A lot of businesses have failed, but they didn’t set the target audience accordingly. Will a person who earns $1200 a month be interested in a handbag worth $4500? Keep that in mind, and you’ll see yourself at the top in no time.

Muhammad Hasan is a digital marketing expert. He's crazy and passionate about everything related to SEO, social media, and blogging. Speaking on behalf of FleekBiz!"