Whenever customers walk into an office, whether it be for a dentist appointment or to get our hair cut, we typically look around in an attempt to take inventory about our surrounding. If we see a bright, open, and well-lit office, we’ll most likely feel more comfortable. Whereas, in a darker environment that might seem crowded or outdated, we may not even stay to finish what we came there to do.

The way that a business decorates its office will directly affect how customers view them. If your office does not reflect order and professionalism, you might find yourself in danger of putting off potential customers. There are a few things to remember when searching for color and decor for your business’ office space.

Wallpaper and Color

It is important to consider which colors and patterns will dominate your business’ offices. You want to make sure that customers, clients and your employees feel comfortable, but not so much that your business is not taken seriously. Light colors are preferred because they are mentally enhancing for visitors. These colors include blue green, light blue, pale orange, soft yellow, and pale gold.

Stripes and other bold patterns should be avoided in offices because they are dramatic and distracting. Geometric patterns have this same effect and can cause headaches for some. For example, every skilled hotel manager knows that hotel wallpaper should be calm and comforting. Since many people have trouble sleeping in a place different from their home, a hotel room’s decor and wallpaper should pay attention to that.


Make sure to find the perfect balance when it comes to office lighting. Bright fluorescent lights often cause headaches and drive people out, while insufficient lighting gives an even more negative impression. Lamps and task lights help to bring in the necessary light and tend to look simpler and more professional.

Art Should Be Local

If you choose to display art or photographs from local artists in your office, it will do you a lot of good to show your connection to the community. This does not only add a unique touch to your office space and business but shows strong ties in your area. Your customers will know that you care about them and their community personally while still remaining professional.


The furniture that you use in your office should be functional and fashionable, but not too comfortable in a way that it seems like an extension of your home. When you have a small office space, functionality matters most. Keep costs low when it comes to buying office furniture. There is no need to go with the most expensive set, as long as the pieces used are similar in style and color.


Regardless of how you decorate your office, be consistent. Whether you go for vibrant and colourful or calming and quiet, make sure that it is this way across the board. If you choose white walls, do not be dramatic and paint one with bright blue. Unless it is personal decor in a professional’s office, decor should be in the same colour and style.

Not every decor tip is going to work for every office. It may depend on the type of work that you do and the type of customers that you want to keep. When designing the outline of your office space, make sure to take into account that your clients are comfortable and that your design reflects your approach to business. A great first impression goes a long way.