Managing and directing a tech startup is a pretty cool way to earn your bread and butter. You’re at the expansion point of technical development; moving into that exciting black area of exploration and discovery with a flashlight. It’s exciting and you’re going to need some special skills and training especially if you can’t code.

Coding for Non-Coders

While the bulk of your role will probably surround business development, marketing, and overseeing customer service and support crews, you’re still going to be leading a team of software developers and engineers. A great way to quickly develop some basic programming chops in the most commonly used programming languages is by taking a basic programmic course.

The courses are delivered 100% online (so you can complete the training in your own time) and cover the foundations of developing mobile apps and databases as well as the concept of object-orientated design. Graduates are ready for junior programming roles and you can choose the language most relevant to your start-up team. Ultimately you can quickly gain enough technical knowledge to keep you in the loop as a leader.

Management for Non-Managers

Alternatively, you may be a world-class programmer pushing your own technologies, now in charge of a team without a management background. Forget the term ‘born leader’, great leadership is a combination of experience and quality training. Again a Certificate IV level course taken online is a practical way of quickly getting some leadership stripes. We think an entry level course of the fundamentals of effective management would be the most useful for first-time leaders.

Similar to a Certificate in Programming, this training course can be undertaken online and completed in under 12 months. You’ll get a solid background in compliance areas like Work Health and Safety as well as communicating effectively as a workplace leader.

There is Always Time For Learning

The best leaders surround themselves with a strong team, not trying to do everything themselves and very good at delegating. We know the pace of a teach startup is lightning fast, but don’t forget that the best leaders are also life-time learners. So don’t be afraid to delegate, and free-up some time for your own learning.