Live Chat is an untapped potential for your business. Your website is the front door to your business. It needs to quickly communicate its purpose and be a gateway to the support and answers your target audience expect.

An online chat software provides customers immediate access to help. It can provide the convenient answers customers want, while also adding significant benefits to your bottom line.

Live chat applications have consistently demonstrated that it can save on both employee task time and phone expenses. Online live chat also enables you to monitor site traffic and analyses visitor’s on site activities.

Zoho Sales IQ helps you track, capture & engage your visitors in real time and offline to increase sales.

Zoho SalesIQ has the basic features you’d expect with live chat for a website, including:

  • a live chat box you can easily embed on your entire site or  just on certain pages;
  • a back end dashboard to help you see how many visitors are on and other information;
  • the ability to assign agents to handle live chat;
  • the ability to automate activity to engage visitors.

Magnify visitor’s engagement with real time traffic monitoring. Locate prospects & customers in your site, analyse through which source they have entered your site and find what pages they are looking at. Use that insight to trigger rule-based proactive chat conversations.

To facilitate data transfers, Zoho SalesIQ is well-connected to the Zoho CRM and other applications including WordPress, ZenDesk, Magento, Shopify and more. You can easily integrate with Google Analytics. SalesIQ also integrates with Zoho Campaigns and other email marketing programs.

If you use Zoho CRM, you will be able to have leads placed into your CRM system without needing to do a separate integration project or downloading spreadsheets.

Zoho SalesIQ makes it easy to get better context via visitor information history. You can add leads, contacts, follow-up tasks, and potentials right from the chat window.

Zoho SalesIQ supports both mobile and tablet devices, so you can connect with your prospects and customers on the go.

Start a proactive online live chat with your business website visitors and provide live customer support. Increase the ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords and email marketing efforts. Get started now to connect with real time visitors.

To get a feel for how SalesIQ works, try Zoho Sales IQ for free. SalesIQ takes less than five minutes to set up. It provides options to brand and customize the chat box, agent avatars, logos, colours, messaging, and more.

Zoo SalesIQ comes with a free trial period of 15 days, so you can test out SalesIQ without any commitments or credit card information.

Zoho SalesIQ is for businesses of any size committed to maximizing their website to increase sales through engagement with visitors and capturing visitor information.