It is 2017 and we are exhausting every type of digital strategy for gaining traffic in the attempt to gain more clients and money. The internet is slowly becoming a landmine of poor quality articles that are being regurgitated for more links and a spinning top of the same content. So, do you follow in the same footsteps or do something completely different?

User Interaction is Key

Applying digital strategies off of the information superhighway is a great strategy in these later stages of internet marketing. People are simply getting tired of having ads thrown in their face at every turn on social media and the internet. With retargeting at its peak, the ads will hunt you down and follow you in your sleep til you actually make the purchase.

Digital signage software is one of the best ways to attract new customers when placed in kiosks in many different high traffic areas such as stores, trade shows, movie theatres, or really any place there is foot traffic. Digital signage solutions can also be video walls and or larger touch screens.

With digital content such as movies, animations, or other high-quality media it can easily attract new clients. Using engaging content designed with user-friendly software, it will guide the visitor from start to finish while creating target solutions that help clients reach their specific goals.

Flapping those Gums

While information or content is always king and this will never change, presenting content in different ways is the key to being successful. Like we stated earlier, it is getting quite difficult to spin out blog posts that are unique because everyone is just producing the same thing.

Scheduling free presentations or seminar events is a great way to network and gain new clients. There is essentially nothing better than talking to people in the real world. We spend all our time on social media and no one has a conversation or makes physical connections.

Actually giving your energy and voice while taking the time to research your ideas and present the content that is unique and solves a much-needed problem; will gain trust and strong followers of your brand.

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

Defining your target audience and creating lists towards your different strategies is time well spent. Figuring out key characteristics such as age, location, gender, income, and any other essential information can save a lot of time when marketing.

What do you do with your lists?  

There are many ways to gain more clients once you have pinpointed your target audience. Cold Calling is a great tool if you are able to define and have a reason for why you are calling and execute the sale.

Hitting the pavement with business cards and other types of paper marketing products such as magazines, newspapers, or even calendars with your brand can go a long way. Many people are simply tired of the internet and it will not be long til people are ready to have that content in hand, rather than burning their retinas on a pc or smartphone.

Utilizing Written Content and Other People’s Experiences

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a challenging endeavour but it can also come with amazing benefits. One of the best benefits, when hiring a ghostwriter you can simply put your name on the dotted line with no liabilities or time spent writing it.

This is a great time saver and also a way to diversify creativity on your brand and other approaches to your marketing. We all know about writing content for blogs and other strategies but hiring a writer to either write a manual or a handbook with his own experiences or to use as a lead magnet can really reach out to a whole new audience if the content is unique and engaging.