Some employers believe office morale secretly means ‘more fun at work’ and, therefore, less productivity. However, office morale is important to the efficiency of an office and the employees working there. Measuring and improving the morale of your workers can only be of benefit to your business; it is a crucial element to your workplace, and low office morale can limit the successes of your business, and the revenue you’re producing. You want your employees to be happy, as this can lead to better productivity.

How can you measure your office morale, though? After all, it isn’t always obvious, but learning to identify the signs is necessary as many employees may not be confident in approaching you with their issues. Keep an eye out for a quiet office and lack of personal conversation, an absence in teamwork, and a high turnover. Employers should also note any poor attitudes and a sense of negativity.

If you’re noticing any of the above, continue reading for a guide on how to improve your office’s morale.

Recognise Achievements

If it’s a large company you’re running, it may be difficult for you to congratulate each and every accomplishment. Therefore, ensure your supervisors and managers do it for you if you cannot find the time yourself. However, if you do have the time, then make sure you recognise their achievements in person – either through an email or face-to-face; or, if it’s consistent, a raise or a treat such as a lunch for two or an afternoon off.

Tidy Up the Breakroom

Your employees deserve a place to relax during their lunch. Update the designated space with a fresh coat of paint, buy new types of furniture such as sofas, tables and chairs, and restore the room with fresh paint and carpet. If you want to ensure your employees are having fun at work, then include a pool table, coffee machine or free, healthy snacks. Allowing your employees to escape from their desk means they will have a proper break from their duties. Having your employees feel completely refreshed will improve their morale and productivity drastically.

Repair Any Issues – Big and Small

Employee frustrations can dampen the mood of any business; therefore, you’ll want to address and find a resolution to any identified issues that can cause havoc in your employees’ day-to-day work routines. This means replacing old technology with more up-to-date models, training them how to use relevant software, or even fixing connectivity issues with stronger and faster business broadband – find the best business broadband online, and your employees will be happier and more efficient!

Make it Personal

Allow your employees to personalise their desk, and allow them to share their personal milestones with you and their co-workers. Whether it’s simply moving in with their partner, getting engaged or buying a house, make sure you celebrate these exciting events. Additionally, if it’s someone’s birthday, surprise them with cake, cards and flowers. If people feel comfortable to share their life experiences, conversation will surely follow. Although you want the conversation to be contained, if your employees are happy at their workplace, they’re more likely to stop talking and perform to the best of their ability also.