The office is every worker’s second home. That is why you, as an employer, should make it a better place for your employees. People work better when they like the environment around them. You want your employees to feel happy and secure in their workplace so that they can do the best job. Stressed, unhappy employees will never be as effective as ones who truly love their workspace, their work, and their employer.

1. Keep it Energetic

You don’t want your employees to hate their work environment. Keep your workplace bright, energetic, and happy. Make sure that everything is lit well so that your employees don’t have to suffer eye strain. Read about how other companies have made their offices great, and consider what works for your space.

2. Offer Food and Drink

Offering snacks, tea and coffee is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make your employees happier and more productive. You want your employees to value their work and to value the company that they work for. Free breakroom snacks are a great way to boost employee loyalty and help them be better workers.

3. Make it Green

Making your office green means savings for you. It means operating a company of the future. Have a solar company install solar panels outside of your office and you’ll be to save upwards of 90% of your energy bill. Further, there are many potential tax benefits to being green as a company. Look what rebates and incentives exist in your area.

4. Have a Break Space

You need to be able to unwind to be productive. Have a small, comfortable space where your employees can eat lunch. You don’t want them to burn themselves out. Taking breaks boosts productivity. Breaks boost creativity. The movement of going to a breakroom itself is great to keep your employees’ brains active, and it gives your employees time to enjoy their afternoon caffeine boost. A breakroom means that they can relax for a short while away from their desk and come back refreshed and ready to begin again.

5. Have a Means for People to Prepare Lunch

Healthy eating is very important. Encourage your employees to bring food in from home. It’s simple to have a fridge, a microwave, and a kettle for your employees to use for their lunches. The healthier your employees are, the better they will be able to do their tasks at hand. You want your employees to prioritize their health. Giving them a means to prepare their lunch at the office will mean they can save money and eat healthier.

Working in a dark, depressing place will negatively impact your employees’ mood and their productivity. By using these easy solutions, you can use your office as a motivator for your employees. You can also help them be healthier, and gain their loyalty by giving them a place to have a proper caffeine or lunch break. Combine all of this together and make it green and efficient to save money and even apply for tax breaks or other government incentives, depending on your area.