Time is your greatest asset. There are only so many hours in the day, so making the most of your time is critical. It’s important to prioritize and get more done every day without wasting time. Your productivity can be greatly improved if you figure out habits that make it easy to get your work done faster, smarter and better.

Begin your day on purpose

Starting your day with a clear idea of what you want to do changes everything. Starting and ending your day right has a lot to do with your success. Plan your day before you start work and your efficiency can be greatly improved. 

There is so much you can do if you can figure out what you need to do next day and plan accordingly. Don’t wake up tomorrow without a plan.

Your productivity can be greatly improved by figuring out habits that will help you more efficiently. Jim Rohn once said, Either you run the day or the day runs you.

Get used to the pen again

Apps aren’t everything. Despite the growth of productivity apps, pen and paper can still be a valuable productivity tool.

The reality is, we live in a world where being distracted is the default. Many people are embracing journaling in recent times. This approach to getting organized prevents you from wasting time while still getting an organized journal or to-do list without much effort.

One of the greatest benefits to using pen and paper over digital tools is that you can use them however you want.

Almost every productivity app is designed with the ideas and opinions of its creators in mind, so you can’t bend it to your will completely. Use can use a productivity journal they way you like it. You can even go a step further to design your own notepad. Some sites offer you that flexibility to make sure you are ordering a journal that works perfectly for your needs.

A journal can take you from a distracted space to a more focused, and productive process that makes it easy to plan your day, week or months in advance.

Break your tasks into manageable pieces

Huge projects can be intimidating. Big projects seem daunting and can be overwhelming if you are unsure how to tackle them.

But once you break them into simple and small tasks to be done on daily basis, it gets easier.

Without clearly listing the pieces of the project on paper, the task will simply become too difficult to handle in your head. To keep the momentum going, take action every day with the deadline in mind.

To keep the momentum going, take action every day with the deadline in mind.

In the long run, you’ll finish your most important tasks faster if you work on them a little bit every day.

Take purposeful breaks

You need to complete your tasks on time, but small breaks should be a necessary part of your day. Contrary to popular belief, breaks can help increase your work efficiency. A break makes it easy for you to recover and refresh your mind to start over. Tiredness can slow your progress and dull your performance. Take advantage of your breaks and unplug to improve your efficiency.

Plan tomorrow today

If you know what you need to do tomorrow, you won’t waste when your day begins. Figuring out the most imperative tasks for tomorrow and scheduling them into a “model day” is one of the best ways to organize your day for maximum results.

Taking 10 minutes or less today to create a plan for tomorrow will give you a head start, keep you on task, boost your productivity and help you accomplish more. Make an appointment with yourself every day to plan tomorrow today.