Buying or renting a new office is a big investment. It is therefore essential to make an informed decision before you sign on the dotted line, especially if you plan to stay in the property for a long time. To help you make the right choice, we are offering advice on what to look for when buying or renting a new office space.

The Right Number of Rooms

It is essential to buy or rent a property that perfectly complements your industry and needs. For instance, if you have a large number of employees, then you need to look at office’s which can cope with the volume of workers. You cannot try and squeeze people in; instead, you need to have more space just in case of expansion. If you do not, this can cause a lot of tension and stress. No room to breathe and no freedom only makes an unhappy workplace. You need to keep your employees happy, otherwise, their work will suffer and their productivity will decline. Worse comes to worse, they leave you and work for another company.

Rooms you should consider are a large open office space, a break room, recreational room, kitchen and plenty of restrooms. You could also look for an office which has a shower, so employees can cycle or go to the gym before work. All of these are added bonuses, however, it can make working for your company a lot more profitable.

A Value-for-Money Price

Of course, the price of a property will more than likely determine your choice. You must ensure you buy or rent a new office that reflects the market value, which will allow you to receive value for your money. It could also provide a return on an investment should you decide to sell the office in the future.

Additionally, you could always buy an office space in an up and coming location. Therefore, if the markets continue to increase, you can sell for a profit and relocate to somewhere even better. This option comes with risks, however, it could prove fruitful in the long run.


Your location must suit your needs, but it must also be reputable and safe. Think about your employees; for example, if they aren’t able to commute to the new place easily, then look somewhere else. Also, consider the neighborhood; is it safe? You do not want to move in all your expensive technology and equipment, only for it to be possibly stolen. An alarm can only do so much, so to ensure you remain free from thieves, look for a location that is safe, trustworthy, and, if possible, a building that has gated access or is off the ground floor.

A location can also speak volumes about the brand of your business. If you wish to give off a vibe of luxury, then you may have to spend more money on a building that is aesthetically pleasing. This is why, before you start looking, you determine what it is you exactly want, need, and if it’s an added bonus. Everyone wants a glamorous building, however, for some, it won’t be possible.

No Structural Damage

It is essential to receive a property survey of a property before you buy a new office space, as structural problems could cost you a substantial amount of money to repair in the future. We, therefore, recommend scrutinizing the ceilings, windows, and walls for signs of mold, discoloration or disrepair. Don’t forget to look at the windows’ timber frames to identify signs of leaking or rotting. If you plan to rent a property with structural damage, ensure the problems are resolved before you move in.

If you find issues once you’ve moved in, you will need to have these fixed immediately. This can be costly, however, the well-being and safety of your employees (and yourself) is much more important.

Is it Marketable?

Your office building, believe it or not, can help your market your company. Not only can a photogenic building become an icon of your business, but it can also make for a great professional business card. Have your building printed on business cards, brochures and flyers so your clients and customers (existing and new) can see how well and reputable your business looks. Although it may seem expensive, there are companies that can offer 20% off plus free delivery. You should also consider banners and posters for your reception area and office.

Another means of marketing your building (and business) is through social media. Like Google, people like to be impressed by companies who have impressive and functional work places. Also, if you are, for example, in the fashion industry, posting photos of your ‘Instagrammable’ office space and make you a viral sensation – perfect for you and your clothing line.


Ensure there is a car park big enough for all your staff. If you do not, then your employees will struggle to park in the morning and this can cause frustrations. For those who do not drive, make sure the public transport is near and reliable. Employers who care about an employee’s commute makes a happier workplace. Plus, by easing the commute for employees, you are creating a more productive atmosphere, which will only benefit your business. Also, ensure worker’s cars are safe. You do not want accidental scrape and bumps, and if you work in an urban area, you do not want their cars to become vandalized.


Who you surround yourself with matters. Make sure you do not have any competitors nearby. Not only does this give options to your clients and customers, but it also means friendly competition is taken literally and can turn into a furious competition. Also, keep away from nightclub and pub who are notorious for causing a mess. You do not want to drive to work every morning, only to be created with rubbish and empty bottles littering the nearby streets. You want to keep the exterior of your office clean, so you can impress anyone who walks passed.


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