Did you know that the atmosphere in the workplace can greatly influence the way that your people work? You want to be able to inspire and encourage your employees, but if they are working in an environment that is not conducive to motivation, what do you do? You could move offices and generally set up all over again, but that’s not always cost effective! An office of bare bones desks and chairs is going to be boring, stale and not interesting and people need stimulation to keep motivated and working.

There are companies out there that understand the need for a creative workspace to motivate their staff, so why not have a look at the tips below and see whether you can implement these in your company. You want people to keep working and feeling happy in the space they occupy, and if you manage that you are one step ahead in the working world!

1. Relaxation Space. An office is often a place of stress and depression for people. It’s not that they don’t want to be in their job, but a pressured environment can have a negative effect on staff. A lot of companies offer breakout rooms and relaxation spaces for their staff to take a short recess from their regular activities, and make time to breathe.

This space can be an inside space in the building or a specialised, private outdoor space on the grounds. You can arrange to have a landscaper and commercial irrigators put together space for you on the grounds of the building. By providing a serene environment to ‘escape’ the desk work that they’re doing, you are offering your staff some small relief.

2. Quiet Space. More than needing relaxation, a lot of workers require some silence and privacy to work. If you offer cubicles away from the main office for those who wish to work in a less ‘open’ capacity where noise and others are a distraction, you should get the most from them. Being in the middle of a hectic office works for some, but for others, it’s too much to concentrate in.

3. Declutter. Offices that are covered in clutter and broken equipment can be overwhelming in the wrong space. It’s difficult to work with a mess and feel organised in your train of thought. Think about the way you organise your files and workspaces and encourage tidy desks at the end of each week.

4. Better Technology. Slow modems and useless connections can really hinder a working environment. Reducing office stress means working with equipment that needs to be working and up to date. If you have slow and out of date equipment, you are risking a total office slowdown and this won’t do when you need people working at their peak capacity.

Ultimately, you need to foster an environment that people want to work in. If you are ensuring that your staff feel secure and provided for, you can get the best out of your people.


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