Most PPC ads are a waste of money. They are intrusive and annoying.  No wonder prospects block them. So, what can you do to ensure you are reaching your audience? You want to reach people for your local business so you need an interesting eye catching ad that will grab attention quickly.  Here are a few tips to improve your PPC Performance:

Use numbers

Audiences attentions are grabbed by facts and figures. Using numbers in your ads make your brand more trustable with data to back up your claims. Whether you use numbers for pricing, discounts or to explain the information you are giving, using numbers in your ads is good!

Employ an expert

If you really need help then you might want to consult a professional. Freelance AdWords consultants will help to improve your ads and in turn your PPC performance. From purely an advice point of view or to create your ads tailored for your business. You can employ a consultant to give you as little or as much help as you wish.

Rethink your landing pages

By playing around with your landing pages you might find your bounce rate changes after ad clicks. The more engaging the page, the more likely people will stay and click through more of your site. When linking to products, why not link to a category instead to give the subject more options to choose from.

Review your Call To Action

By looking at your Call to action wording and changing it to a more positive language you may find an improvement in your PPC. Depending on your target audience the reaction to the language used will be different.  Beginning your ad with phrases like “Call us now” or “Order today” commands attention and a clear understanding of what to do.

Keep it simple

The less convoluted the language the better. You have a short time to get that attention and a reaction from your target audience before they move on. By keeping your language simple and sticking to the point of the ad, you are much more likely to get a hit than if the ad is too complicated.

Keyword Inclusion

It may seem obvious, but make sure you are including your ad group keywords in your ad copy. You need to focus on this to get the results you want and direct the right people to your business. Without your keywords included the audience the ad is shown to may be wrong, therefore less clicks!

Display URLs

By displaying your URLs in a site link the customer will know exactly what they are clicking on before they click. This gives more confidence for your audience, knowing exactly where they are being directed to and that it is relevant to them. There is no point talking about one thing in the ad and then having a completely different landing page.

How do you copy test to improve your PPC performance?

Have you learned from these tips or are there any other ways you would include in this list. The main point is to keep reviewing your ads to make sure they are clear, concise and relevant, changing with your business and your audience too. Completing regular reviews will improve your performance when using AdWords.


  1. Being a digital marketer myself, I found this article very helpful. A call to action can truly make a difference for your CTR. I myself have tested a few variations of CTAs and the results have been amazing.

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