If you love a vegetable garden, but your apartment in the city didn’t come with an acre of land to make it easy to get your hobby started, the team at Haut Potager offers an innovative option for garden lovers.

After two years of research, they have created an innovative kitchen garden kit compatible with your modern lifestyle.

Haut-Potager is self-sufficient for up for two weeks, solving common problems such as insufficient or excess watering and drastically reducing water loss through evaporation or drainage.

Haut-Potager is self-watering with an easy system inside, that will save 80% of water.

The kitchen garden kit is delivered straight to your door. It’s easy and quick to assemble which makes it ready to grow after just an hour, without using any special tool.

Pre-order your Kitchen Garden Kit on www.kickstarter.com. Haut Potager has launched on Kickstarter. Special launch discount offer for 6 days. Contact Haut-Potager directly at contact@haut-potager.com for more information.