Not so very long ago, people relied heavily on landline phones and email to communicate. Today the options seem endless, thanks to apps that perform a variety of functions that allow us to communicate instantly and express ourselves in a variety of ways. With so many communication apps to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are best. We’ve analyzed dozens of the best android apps available in order to present this list of apps for communicating with different types of audiences.

Email, Simplified: Try Email by Edison

Most of us use multiple email accounts: At least one for work, one for social media, and perhaps another one for subscriptions that we might or might not get around to reading. Checking all these accounts can be tedious, not to mention time-consuming. That’s where Email by Edison comes in. This app handles mail from multiple accounts, categorizing it for easy access, letting you decide how you’d like to be notified, and making mundane tasks like unsubscribing from junk mail faster and easier than ever. Email takes less time and energy this way, leaving you with more of the good stuff and less unwanted digital clutter.

Make Cheap International Calls & More: Viber Out

You might have heard of Viber, which is a free messenger app that includes instant voice and video messaging to and from anyone on your contacts list. What you might not know is that you can also use this app to make long-distance and international phone calls for far less than what your carrier charges, plus you can budget for those calls in advance by purchasing credits. Viber Out is loaded with free features that let you connect in a variety of ways, plus it offers excellent security via end-to-end encryption. If you’re searching for a top messenger app, this one is well worth looking into.

Make Money: Communicate with Buyers and Sellers using Letgo

Gone are the days when online buying and selling took endless emails and phone calls. Whether you’ve got stuff to get rid of (and you don’t want to talk to wishy-washy buyers) or you’re looking for great deals on new or pre-owned items, Letgo makes the process simple.

For sellers, there’s no need to use clunky old websites that force you to type long-winded descriptions. Just take a photo. The Letgo app uses image recognition to automatically categorize and title the items(s) being offered for sale. Buyers can quickly search for specific items or browse to see what piques their interest. Buyers and sellers can use a handy instant chat feature to communicate, eliminating the ponderous back and forth conversations that waste time and often lead to disappointment.

Share Interests Within a Group or With the World: Pinterest

Wait…Isn’t Pinterest an app for recipes and fashion? It’s true that the app became popular this way, but Pinterest’s galleries now contain something for everyone. Whichever topics fascinate you most, you’ll find them on Pinterest using the search feature. Once the app has some insight into your search habits and you’ve created some boards, you’ll see new suggestions whenever you use the app. Curate boards with friends and co-workers, collaborate on projects using imagery that inspires you, and send quick messages with the private in-app message board designed for sharing items of interest.

Share Videos: YouTube

YouTube isn’t just for crazy cat videos, funny fails, and tutorials. The latest version of the app is geared toward those who have a message to share with a worldwide audience. Whether you’d like to grow your business or spread inspiring news, YouTube can help you do it. The app is very easy to use, and now includes editing features, filters, and music, plus you can go live to an audience of subscribers.

Stop Unwanted Phone Calls: Should I Answer?

“Junk” calls from solicitors, fraudsters, and political pollsters are on the rise. And, once your phone call makes it into an autodialer’s directory, it’s often there to stay – even if you’re on the “Do Not Call” list. What to do? Try a call blocking app like Should I Answer. Ratings and reviews for problematic numbers are curated in the app, allowing you to decide whether to answer calls or block them forever. Voicemail is not accessible to blocked calls, effectively stopping scammers from communicating with you and wasting your time.