Personalisation works. It’s an effective way to win and retain customers and presents an amazing opportunity to elevate customer loyalty and engagement. Product customization also helps brands boost sales.

An increasing number of companies are offering consumers the possibility to customize their products. This trend has impacted a lot of consumer good products, from clothing to vehicles, to home accessories and even mobile devices.

Nike has been in the customisation business for sometime now. You can choose your own colours and textured leather accents. The future of consumer goods is personalization.

Shoesie enable footwear brands to retail their styles as customised products, just like NikeID. They also provide an analytics dashboard for brands to insight on every single customer interaction.

Why the team built a costumisation solution for footwear brands

After working with several brands on e-commerce solutions for customisation, they decided to bring their technology to brands large and small.

From an easy embeddable designer to a simple checkout they are enabling choice for consumers and an easy entry to customisation for brands.

Bringing e-commerce into the future with a consumer first retail experience. Consumers come first but brands still benefit. Their analytics dashboard enables brands to gain deeper insight than ever before.

Shoesie is currently working with Po-Zu,an ethical shoe brand. Po-Zu will be using Shoesie with their iconic Brisk style which uses innovation not only in the way it is retailed through customisation, but with the materials used.

The team see customisation as an important step for brands to take to gain a deeper connection to their customers.

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