The Internet, emerging into the popular consciousness during the 1990s, created new business opportunities for individuals to sell products or services from the comfort of their own homes. Electronic businesses, or E-businesses, are connected to a global marketplace that is unavailable to traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses that operate within a local setting.

The World Wide Web, forging links between businesses and consumers from different parts of the planet, has revolutionised the way people do business and increasing numbers of people are opting to conduct their commercial activities online. Most electronic enterprises, whether they are selling goods or services, are a part of the retail sector and operate on a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) basis.

Become a web designer

Skilled web designers, using their abilities to create and maintain websites that are aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, are in high demand and the best way for web design professionals to market their skills is to establish an online presence. An aspiring web designer, on the hunt for clients, must own an up-to-date computer with a reliable Internet connection and should have access to the necessary software used in the construction of websites.

Professional web designers, looking to stay afloat in what can be a competitive market, should create their own website that includes a portfolio of their work and contact details. The national average salary for web designers, is £25,375 which is higher than the median personal income in the United Kingdom.

Open an electronic store

E-commerce websites provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to open their own digital stores, to learn online trading skills and to establish relationships with customers. In order to run an online store, it is necessary to purchase household goods such as cleaning supplies, food or pharmaceutical products in bulk from wholesale suppliers before selling them on for a profit. Postage and packaging items, postage and package items, must be bought in order to send sold goods by mail.

Some businesses, having found success via online marketplaces, go on to establish their own E-business websites and perform all of their commercial activities through their online stores. It is possible, with the right attitude and a little luck, to make thousands of pounds by selling items via an online marketplace or through a personal website.

Sell crafts online

Social media and online market places have made it possible for entrepreneurs to sell homemade crafts such as candles, soaps and textiles via the Internet. Some craft business owners prefer to buy domain names, pay for website hosting and sell their crafts through their own own E-commerce websites. Raw materials, such as the fats and caustic soda required to manufacture soap or the fabric that is used to create textiles, need to be purchased in order produce the desired items.

Wax and wicks must be procured to create homemade candles, dyes and perfumes are necessary for the manufacture of coloured or scented candles while moulds are required to form a candle into its desired shape. Annual earnings from selling crafts varies but it is possible, according to the Telegraph, to net £20,000 a year.


Those interested in starting an E-business, forging lasting connections with customers and earning thousands of pounds from their bedrooms can achieve their goals through hard work, thorough research, and determination.