This isn’t your first day of business travel. You’ve been doing this for years and have the frequent flier miles to prove it. However, no veteran takes a business trip without experiencing a few wrinkles. Here’s how to conquer the duty of business travel whether this is your first or one-hundredth assignment.

Keep Toiletries in a Sealable Bag

It’s convenient to bring your own supply of creams and lotions, yet that’s where things go wrong for those who find stains and spills on business attire. Put all liquids, lotions, and toiletries in one bag that is sealable and won’t puncture en route.

Figure-Out Your Carry-On

There’s a way to get all your items in one carry-on bag. You’ll find tons of online information regarding which brand of bag is the best and how to pack it just right. It’s all relative. However, it’s cheaper, more convenient, and unlikely you’ll lose what you need when you travel with carry-on luggage only. Just figure-out your bag by packing and repacking until everything fits.

Figure-Out a Hotspot Plan

Some travelers lean on data plans to get on the web, yet you can get crushed paying your carrier’s rates. Figure-out a hotspot plan so you are guaranteed the opportunity to work at the airport, on the plane and in-between business meetings.

Become an Expedited Traveler

Waiting in lines, getting through security, and feeling as if you can make better use of time is common to business travelers. Apply to become an expedited traveler through one of many programs offered to businesspeople. Furthermore, look into rewards and frequent flier programs.

Dress in Business Attire

There are those who can’t wait to kick off the high heels or loosen the tie, yet looking good pays when traveling. The impressive appearance can help get you a better airplane seat or table at a restaurant. Plus, there’s less need to worry lost luggage when you’re wearing professional attire.

Use the Same Hotel

It pays to use the same hotels. Aside from associated VIP programs, hotel staff recognize familiar faces and have suggestions regarding the best ways to travel, dine, and make the most of the time in the city. See what’s available at the Marriott Renaissance, by the Newark Airport. It’s a safe yet convenient distance from NYC.

Be on Alert

It’s best to be vigilant when traveling but be especially alert when going about in your business attire, for scam artists target those who appear wealthy and successful. While the normal pickpocket schemes are known to most travelers, you can use the web to search for current scams. Moreover, local police websites may have more information as to what to look for when traveling to the area.

Drink a Lot of Water

It’s easier to neglect normal exercise and diet regimens when traveling. Drink plenty of water when you’re on the go versus relying on coffee or caffeinated drinks to fuel you. Today, tons of products satisfy the business traveler on the go who wants to get their eight glasses of water per day.