No sooner had the UK economy stumbled from the wreckage of The Great Recession than it was hit by the slow-motion car crash of Brexit.

But certain sectors are remaining resilient despite these economic woes.

So if you’re thinking of launching a British business, here are four unexpected startup trends taking the UK by storm.

1. Boutique gin

Britain suffered a gin-consumption crisis of epidemic proportions in the 18thcentury — it’s cheap price and potency was cause for concern.

But the recent boom in craft gin production saw 50 new UK distilleries open last year and the drink once dubbed ‘mother’s ruin’ is now the trendiest tipple for the chattering classes.

A range of regional artisan distilleries are producing high-quality gins creatively infused with fresh fruits and other natural ingredients.

These new blends meet the needs of a new generation of gin drinkers who pushed national sales of the drink passed the £1billion mark for the first time in 2016.

So investing in a modern-day gin palace could help you capture a slice of this emerging market.

2. Craft beer

Declaring an interest in craft beer formerly conjured up images of dishevelled men in home-knitted jumpers obsessing over ales that tasted like nuts and woodchips.

But over 500 UK craft beer breweries opened last year and brands like Brewdog have transformed it into the trendiest drink in town.

Most pubs now carry craft beer options alongside their mainstream counterparts and the products are more palatable — attracting younger drinkers.

Opening a bar that specialises in the latest and greatest craft beers could be your recipe for success, but you’d have to locate it carefully to attract a clientele willing to pay a little extra.

3. Barbers

Gone are the days when a burly British barber placed a bowl on your head and shaved around the edges before slapping your face with a rough towel and offering you ‘something for the weekend’.

Modern barber shops with a retro vibe are springing up across the UK and clients are willing to part with more cash for a neatly crafted haircut performed in ambient surroundings.

Some shops offer free rum or beer to clients, as well as games consoles to while away the time until it’s their turn in the chair.

These grooming emporiums are well-appointed — so when you’re trawling through an online property register for barber shops to let, be sure to consider the cost required for any refurbishments.

4. Darts

Professional darts competitions have always had an electric atmosphere but the profitable potential of social darts was never properly explored.

But Flight Club in Bloomsbury has brought social darts to London with a bang.

The busy bar and restaurant keeps guests fabulously fed and watered while they compete against friends and family members in a fairground atmosphere.

If you can transform another heritage pastime to appeal to a wider customer base, you could make some serious money.

If your business plan displays as much creativity as these four startup trends taking the UK by storm you’re sure to make it a success.