Are you looking to transfer or collect cash from a source?

Does your organization in urgent need of cash or does it require cash on a regular basis?

Cash-in-transit companies are your best resort because they can make cash available for you in your desired denominations anytime, anywhere. Some companies don’t even ask you to sign a contract or make a committed, where you feel trapped. The charges are minimal too; overpowered by the fact that they resolve your cash requirements in the blink of the eye.

They are seen as logistics company in the private sector, in the eyes of the law; following the security and transport legislation.

The following are some of the major services which are offered by a cash-in-transit company:

1. Cash Collection

One of the most common services that a CIT company offers is cash collection. It simply means collecting your cash or cheques and transferring it to the bank on your behalf. Some companies prefer armored cash carrying trucks, while some believe in subtlety; some wear uniforms while others provide the services in plain clothes (to avoid unnecessary attention). All in all, the services remain the same. The executive of the company visits your place, meets with the designated member of your staff, collects the cash & cheques and seals it in a satchel.

The satchel is then deposited in the bank on your behalf. It not only saves time, but also provides security to your money as the company becomes liable for all your cash & cheques. It allows you to collect cash and cheques from different places on your behalf; saving your travel time to those place. It also takes care of all the hassles at the bank or the collection venue. This is an apt service where huge amounts of money needs to be collected from many different places.

2. Cash Counting

This is a service which succeeds the above mentioned service i.e. after the cash is collected. Cash counting is a very basic service which involves the company to sort and count the cash that is being collected. There is no limit to the collection and every penny that the company collects, is sorted and then counted to ensure that the amount which was told by the owner equals the amount which has been collected by the executive.

This simply double checks the amount and assures both the company & the owner that the money is appropriate. This service also saves time and efforts of the owner as the company goes down all the hassles of sorting and counting. This is an apt service where there are loads of money collected in varied denominations, from various sources.

2. Cash Delivery

This is what the name suggests i.e. delivering cash to where it is needed. This cash delivery service includes the company to deliver cash in desired denominations to different places, as per the desire of the owner. You can get cash delivered to your organization on the weekends, at odd hours; basically whenever and wherever you want.

There are many companies which do not ask you to sign a contract for long term basis, which makes this service even more attractive because then you can simply avail the service for a few weekends and discontinue it as per your wish, because you have no legal commitments to the company. It is apt where there is regular need of cash for trades and stuff or where there is need for cash in different denominations on an urgent basis. Because of this service, you can avoid losing a trade off due to lack of cash availability.

Right Where You Need It

Now you can save time and money by utilising the above mentioned services because they are not only secure, but extremely systematic; making your work much easier. You do not need to worry or go through the hassles of collecting or counting cash; encouraging you to enhance your business opportunities and grow further.

Hire now to save time!