Are you looking for a way to more effectively funnel in customers while at the same time increase the productivity of your staff? When managing a company there are many aspects that draw your attention. Learning how to effectively utilize signage as a form of communication and branding will impact every level of your business.

A First Impression

FedEx Office conducted a survey in conjunction with Ketchum Global Research & Analytics measuring American consumers and their attraction to the power of signage and whether or not it impacted their decision to visit the store and purchase product.

They found that signage in the community to the front door and throughout the store impacted the consumers buying potential. The overwhelming majority of those surveyed stated that the quality of the sign spoke to the quality of the products the store would offer.

The quality of the sign is the first glimpse the customer has at your store. It is important to wow the customer, to grab their attention and to beckon them inside with quality of signage and retail sign holders.

Increased Productivity

Communication plays a vital role in employee productivity. Are you clearly communicating the vision and goals of your company? Is the message getting out on a regular basis? When your employees understand the company’s goals they are better equipped to meet them.

A simple way to do this is through visual communication. Signs in key focal points of the work area remind workers of the mission, safety precautions, and their personal value to the company.

Signage creates the opportunity to build safety awareness, share progress and results, recognize people and performance, cast vision, gamify work, and foster community. When your employees feel as though they are valued, informed, and part of the big picture then they will invest more in their own performance.

Creating an Experience

The experience and culture of your company, for both employees and customers, is enhanced by small touches. Your brand portrays an experience communicated through online media, print, and signage. Signs work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A careful study of customers and strategically placed signs allow you to target individual groups for optimal effect. The sign is the invitation to a larger, even better experience. Think of it as a calling card or a personal invitation to every potential customer who views it. Detail, research, professional graphics, and a clear message is advertisement well worth the money invested.

Precise communication, targeted marketing, and consistent branding are all part of the overall experience you are creating. Signage is a tool that when used well will enhance every level of your sales funnel and employee productivity. When your workers understand and become a part of the vision it is captured in the quality of their work.

This translates to a better product and a better customer experience. When the customer is personally invited, and reminded, of the quality of your product through signage you are one step closer to closing the sale.


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