Starting your own company is a thrilling adventure that involves much uncertainty. An entrepreneur has to be willing to risk a big chunk of savings, a steady job, a great deal of time, and a tremendous amount of emotional energy to get a new business off the ground. One element most entrepreneurs are not willing to risk, though, is their family’s financial security. Losing the benefits package you enjoyed at your job means you now have to secure your own health insurance, plan for your own retirement, and buy your own life insurance.

Of the three financial tools, people are often most reluctant to buy life insurance. This reluctance is true even when they are financially savvy enough to understand how important it is to their families. Why do business owners procrastinate so much with life insurance? The answer is partly because they have a hard time accepting their own mortality, but also because they don’t understand the product well. Making major purchasing decisions when you don’t fully understand the jargon or the options can be uncomfortable, so familiarizing yourself with life insurance basics will help a great deal.

Once you fully understand the difference between whole life and term coverage, for example, and you know how much insurance you may need, you’ll feel more in control of the process of getting insured. Health IQ offers a great quiz to help you pick the right life insurance policy that will help you fill in any gaps in your knowledge and feel more confident about buying a policy.