Clients are the key to any business achieving success without a doubt. It’s so obvious and so complicated at the same time. Knowing, classifying and empathizing with our customers or visitors will make us get ahead of their needs, developing a viable and profitable business. Let’s start with the first part: meet them. Keep in mind that information is power to the extent that it allows us to make decisions. Therefore, how to get to know our customers better and why is it necessary for the business?

If we know the behavior of consumers, we can improve their shopping experience and thus better respond to their expectations. The information we need to do this is not just the demographic. The numbers are very good, but it is very important to also take into account the emotional point, what you think, etc. since that is where we are going to make a difference and create more interest in them.

The importance of knowing your clients

One of the priority objectives of any business, nowadays, should be to know more about the clients, to try to adapt the offers and services to their interests. There are as many classes of clients as there are humans on Earth, each one with expectations and characteristics that differentiate it. Understanding what customers need and what their habits are will help find more business opportunities, improve and get more customers and differentiate ourselves.

How to meet your customers

To understand perfectly the customer who enters our store or hires our services, we must strive in the following stages: identify them, differentiate them, interact with them and, finally, personalize the experience.

For example, have you heard about the empathy map? It is a creative technique that comes from the book “Generation of business models” with which we can get a customer profile very easily. To get to know our customer, you have to try to get inside their heads and know what they need.

And this is not easy. Therefore, the empathy map helps us to ask ourselves the right questions. A great way to reach customers, ask them these questions and measure their loyalty to your brand is via surveys. Nowadays a survey maker can help you create personalized surveys for your clients, making knowing them easier than ever.


Today, more than ever, many brands need to apply a customer-centric strategy to withstand short-term competitive pressure and maximize long-term benefits. The goal of the customer-centric strategy is to align the conceptualization, development and marketing of the brand’s products and services with the needs and desires of its most valuable customers. Some of its premises are:

Take the time to get to know your customers well

Understand that not all customers are the same and do not deserve the same efforts and attention. From the customer centric perspective, there are two customers: the good ones and the rest. It will be necessary to invest more time and resources in the best clients, but without forgetting the others. Despite what we have always been told, the customer is not always right and not all customers are profitable.

Customize the relationship with your customers

Design customer centric products taking into account the customer in all decisions of conceptualization and design of new products. Not practicing this premise explains the reason why the vast majority of products, even if they are good, are a failure.

Work on offering the best possible experience

In short, form a strategy that cannot be carried out without dedicating resources to know the clients. In addition, it has a very specific purpose: to maximize the benefits of the brand in the long term. And you will say that this is the goal that all brands pursue. True, but only those who are willing to give a twist to their old conceptions will achieve success.