The weather has taken a gloomy turn in some parts of the world. Millions of people are preparing for all eventualities. Your choice of clothes cannot be overemphasised.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune on decent winter clothes every year. Why waste money on expensive heated jackets when you can simply convert your current winter coat into a heated apparel system.

Fired Up X has designed Far infrared heated compression liners to fit comfortably with your coat providing warm and therapeutic Far Infrared heat.

Convert your favorite Leather jacket, Winter Parka, Down Jacket, Hoody, motorcycle jacket, ski/snowboard jacket into a heated jacket at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing your sense of style.

Turn any outer layer into a heated apparel system with their battery operated heated thin stretch liners. Stay warm without compromise.

The new line of Far Infrared Heated Liners were designed with one goal in mind; to create heated liners that don’t hamper your sense of style, while providing soothing Far Infrared Heat.

Designed to be worn under any outer layer, Fired Up X’s liners essentially convert your outer layer into a heated apparel system. The products are designed with fashion and practicality in mind.

Fired Up X is smart heated wear company founded in 2015. With over 50 years of combined manufacturing, sales and marketing experience the team wanted to offer consumers products that incorporated cutting-edge technology in heated apparel while utilizing the therapeutic benefits of Far Infrared Heat.

What is Infrared heat and is it safe?

Our bodies emit Infrared heat. In the winter when we wear insulated clothing; it’s the heat that our bodies emit that is trapped to keep us warm, that is Infrared heat. The Sun heats up the Earth with Infrared heat.

Not to be confused with Ultra Violet rays which are harmful; Infrared Rays are actually beneficial. Known to help with Arthritis, blood circulation, healing tissue besides keeping us war, these rays heat the body from the inside out.

Fired Up X is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that needs your support. A pledge to the campaign offers a great reward with one of the several products introduced by the company and is shipped worldwide to make sure that people from around the world can benefit from this crowdfunding campaign. You can find more information on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.