If you could reduce expenses, increase sales and better the customer experience, would you? Of course, you would. And with automated customer relationship management tools, you can. Optimizing your website with live messaging, empowering your customer service reps and implementing webmaster tools can all positively impact your startup. Here’s how.

Webmaster tools

You want to be found on the web. And search engine optimization (SEO) can make your company discoverable to new customers. There is certainly no shortage of SEO tools available today, but none are quite as important as webmaster tools, particularly Google Webmaster Tools.

It is one of the most useful tools of its kind and provides vital SEO insights which directly relate to website visitors and the customers that are seeing your website in search results. With this tool, website managers can explore search queries, links, crawl errors, keywords, sitemaps and advanced areas. Google Webmaster Tools is a free toolset that can give you valuable insight into what is happening on your website.

Another tool that is indispensable to businesses is CRM software. Comprehensive and reliable CRM allows you view every stage of the customer lifecycle, and Infor CRM, in particular, is known for the functionality and flexibility it gives business owners. To get the most out of this software, make use of Infor CRM training, tutorials and demonstrations.

Live messaging

In addition to boosting your bottom line and improving customer service, online automation tools like live chat can help you discover potential customer pain points and carve out a pathway to fixing them, which leads to faster problem resolution and, most importantly, happy customers. Your website is often the first place a customer discovers after a web search and it’s here where you’re tasked with making a good impression.

Today’s consumers want answers and assistance faster than ever before. In fact, an SDL 2015 Global CX Wakeup Call Report found that 45 percent of consumers in their survey could not recall a recent positive customer service experience, 35 percent of these same respondents said they experienced poor response times.

When you implement live chat, you’re instantly setting yourself apart from your online competition. Most retail businesses do not offer a live chat option, so offering it can skyrocket your business’s potential if it’s implemented correctly. Explore your options and choose a live chat software that offers the best integration and interface for your brand’s website. Software such as Bold Chat, Livezilla, Kayako and Live Person are all recommended by Kissmetrics.

Empowering employees 

Remember the aforementioned SDL 2015 Global CX Wakeup Call Report? Data from the report also found that 31 percent of consumers who cited bad experiences said that the customer service representative they spoke to wasn’t empowered to help. A well-trained team is critical.

Your website’s live chat representatives have to be knowledgeable about your products and services and website navigation. Make it easier for your team and provide them with FAQs and cheat sheets. This will not only improve their performance, it will also enhance the overall customer experience.