It’s such an anxiety-inducing task, the idea of raising the necessary funds to keep you going. Especially if you’ve built up the company with your own two hands, through self-funding means, and have eschewed the standard approach of going to the bank for a loan.

But when you are facing a crisis of extreme magnitude, especially when your business finances are concerned, what can you do to tackle the problem head-on, but also ensure that you are dealing with the crisis with a proper business head on?


Procrastination and time wasting is avoiding the problem completely. Instead, stop wasting your time, and tackle the problem head-on. It can be a difficult and overwhelming prospect to get your head around, but by tackling the issues sooner, rather than later, this will mean the difference between saving your business, or it running into the ground.

Do You Really Know Your Options?

It’s surprising how many entrepreneurs have no idea what is at their disposal when they face a crisis, there are organizations like National Debt Relief that can give you a considerable amount of information on how best to tackle your financial problems, and you can read about National Debt Relief at this link.

But the notion of resources, as well as your options is something you need to research first. If you have resources at your disposal right now, why don’t you use these up in a way you haven’t thought of before?

For example, leftover stock that has been gathering dust in the corner, is there a new use for it? Even something like a pile of t-shirts could be sold off as merchandise, think about what you already have in front of you, as this could help gain a few extra pennies.

Don’t Hide It From Your Employees!

There is nothing worse in an office environment than the rumor mill, so, the best approach is to lay it all out on the table because you don’t want additional pressure from your employees too.

And going back to the idea of resources, your employees are the greatest resources you have, and if you are running your business with an open door policy, you are assumedly going to be very welcoming when it comes to new ideas.

This is one of the big things in running a company, any type of crisis means that you are facing the pressure from all angles, and hiding it from your clients and employees is the worst thing you can do.

Don’t Get Precious!

If things need to go, such as dead weight, and it’s going to mean that your company will survive, then so be it. And this is the one thing that many entrepreneurs have difficulty with. If you’ve built up a company by yourself, you couldn’t bear to let anything go, but this is a necessity.

Every business faces a crisis in one way, shape, or form. So, when facing down the barrel of a gun, it’s important to approach it with a cool head.