In the ever-changing business world, a website is more important than ever for business growth. Even for a new business with no customers, a website can boost your bottom line and help you attract new customers. An online presence is a must-have for every business. Your presence on the web is the first impression of your business. Without a website, you are losing out on potential customers and revenue. If you don’t have a website yet, it’s not too late to build one for your company.

The importance of having a web presence is often overshadowed by lack of technical experience. The basic setup process is actually straightforward. Even with absolutely no knowledge of code, you can build one for your business or career in a few minutes. The basic format is the same for almost every business. The Homepage, Product or Service page, an About Us page, and a Contact Us page are the essential pages on a business site.

There are other things to do to build a fully-fledged website with numerous web pages and images, but the first few pages can help you get it up quickly. What you need is the right online tool that can help you create your website quickly and still make time for delivering amazing customer service. And a domain name, hosting, and information about your business, service or product. A free website builder can easily help you create a beautiful, professional-looking, and responsive website with no programming or design skills necessary.

For entrepreneurs who are short on time, and less technologically advanced, we recommend Wix. You can get started quickly, with minimal technical knowledge. It’s a complete package that offers everything you need to create a successful website in simple steps. Wix offers clean and awesome free website templates to help you create your website in simple steps. The intuitive interface makes it easy to add text and images, change colors, and set up product pages if you plan to sell online.

Building your own business website with Wix is free and straightforward. Getting started requires you to sign up for an account. To do this, you just enter your email address and a password or you can sign in with a Google or Facebook social account. If you have an existing domain, you can easily use it for your site design at Wix. If you are new to domains, Wix will guide you to register a domain for your business.

You can select from different categories to get started. The type category you select will impact the kinds of options and templates you get to choose from later. The options for creating a website include business, photography, online store, music, restaurant, blog, portfolio, etc. Once you select a category, you can select a template, add your information, upload media, add different elements and finally publish your site as soon as you are done adding your business information. 

WIX ADI makes web design better and faster

When you create a new site on, you can choose if you want to build it using Wix ADI or the Wix Editor. The Wix ADI, an artificial design intelligence solution that can guide you through your website design creation process, is a great option for anyone who has no coding or design knowledge. And it’s quick for entrepreneurs who and business professionals who need to create and publish a website in a few minutes. You can move from Wix ADI to the Editor at any time and you can return to the most recent version of your ADI site using the “Site History” option.

Wix ADI learns about your personal or business needs and chooses from billions of high-quality, stunning combinations and possibilities to help you build the perfect website for your business needs. Wix ADI perfectly matches optimal design and content elements to create a unique, dynamic, and robust website in minutes. Wix ADI also gathers from across the web and social media for relevant content that you can use as is or customize.

To start using ADI:

  • Click the + icon in your Wix account dashboard.
  • Select the type of site you want to create.
  • Click Start with Wix ADI.

You provide the information about your business and Wix ADI takes care of the rest. To make the process better, you answer a series of questions to get the first and complete version of your website and can then customize or change any section you want.  You can easily customize the theme, change layouts, add more sections, add your own media (pictures, videos), add more pages, change your site’s design set, edit any text on your new site and change any information about your site.

Whatever your business needs, whether you want to sell with an online store, start a business blog, take bookings online or create a simple website for your online portfolio, Wix covers all the features and functionality you will need to create a stunning SEO friendly site.