Smart home is the future. Many people are already taken advantage of the numerous benefits. Smart technology ranges from thermostats, shades, and security alarms to CCTV, all of which can be accessed and controlled with ease from a smartphone or a voice-activated assistant.

A ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ device is an electronic device that’s typically connected to the internet (and potentially a network of other smart devices) offering the potential for remote control (normally via smartphone.

Lighting is a popular starting point for home automation. The team at Ena have build a touch-enabled, WiFi enabled, round smart motion detecting light switch alarm, to help you improve and secure your home.

The device uses a mobile app to control purposes and it can be set various modes (normal switch on/Off, motion detecting lights, alarm mode and baby monitor mode). Ena reacts to your hand be detecting its presence in a short radius around the device. You can either touch it or wave your hand very close to it to toggle the lights.

When you have our app installed on your phone, it detects when you connect to your home’s wifi network and switches the lights on. This feature can be selected or disabled for every device with just a press of a button on our app.

Saving energy is very important those days. With the Motion feature, your device becomes a motion detecting light switch. When you enter the room, the sensor detects your presence and turns the lights on for how long you have set it up on our app. After that time, the lights switch off automatically. Ena is WPS enabled so getting started is very easy. After installing, just press the WPS button on your router and the device, pop the facteplate on and you are ready to go. You dont have to enter your wifi password to connect to your network.

The device comes in three different colours, with red and blue glass coming soon. Faceplates can also be bought seperately once the project is funded. Watch out for our special editions!

Pre-order on Kickstarter.