As business owners, we are always looking for ways to save just a little bit extra – and we can get really creative when it comes down to it. But one area we should never skimp on is a deceptively small one – stretch film for pallet wrapping. Here are four reasons why you should only ever use the best.

1. Discourage theft and tampering

Poll a group of shoplifters, and you’ll realize they have something in common with the most sophisticated, high-level thieves: they’re all opportunists. Even when they don’t have a plan in the works, if an occasion to snag something falls into their lap, they’ll take it.

The truth is, even people who never usually steal encounter times when the temptation to take something gets the best of them. You can remove temptation and prevent small losses from adding up by employing a high-quality stretch film to keep everything under wraps.

2. Prevent accidents and injuries

If you’ve been present during load-ins and load-outs, you know the nail-biting feeling of watching unwieldy packages come on and off trucks. Uneven loads and awkwardly-loaded pallets can throw off one’s center of balance, making trips and falls more likely to happen.

This can result not just in product damage, but worker compensation claims. Maintain your business’s reputation as a safe, worker-friendly environment by loading pallets evenly, and securing it all in place with a durable wrapping film. This can also keep the pallets stackable, which reduces the chances of anything falling over and injuring bystanders.

3. Make shipping faster and easier

We all want to increase productivity and efficiency. Would you believe the large role stretch film plays in this if we told you? Think about it – if those pallets are sloppy, the product keeps falling off, and they can’t be stacked easily, workers are going to take longer to get it done properly. Well-wrapped pallets are simpler to lift and arrange.

With unusual or varied packaging, using film can also give pallets a more uniform shape. Flexible packaging can even get a little compression from the right wrap. When you’re preparing to ship, this means that you will be able to fit more product into a single load, and may even be able to use well-wrapped pallets to fill in any odd gaps you’re left with.

4. Protect your product

Just as with theft, small losses can add up quickly. Prevent products from sliding off of pallets by keeping them securely wrapped. Besides that, we’re well aware of how unclean the shipping process can be – dirt, grime, grease, dust, moisture.

No one ever said warehouses and trucks were glamorous. Retain more product in pristine condition by keeping it clean and tidy under wraps. After all, recipients will be more likely to continue ordering from you if all items are intact and unsoiled.

Finally, your bonus benefit is that tightly wrapped pallets make counting easier, so accuracy in inventory is improved. In every way, the right film can help the stack remain steady and the day goes smoother.