The brain supplement industry is growing rapidly and there are consistently new brain supplements hitting the market every year. Nootropic supplements have exploded on the market as “smart drugs” that can enhance your cognitive capabilities.

Everyone from Silicon Valley coders to entrepreneurs is giving them a try. But which products are truly worth the money? Any supplement can claim to increase your focus, memory or attention span but which ones will actually get the job done? If you’re interested in nootropics, here are 11 brands that might truly unlock your brain’s potential.


CILTEP goes directly to the source to improve your cognitive function. Not content to simply stimulate your brain, it also strengthens the underlying nerve impulses for a longer-lasting effect. You’ll be able to understand and retain new information in a way that really sticks. Whether you’re a student or a corporate bigwig, CILTEP is the supplement for you!

2. TruBrain

TruBrain contains everything from piracetam to citicoline to help you improve your brain function. Users report feeling sharper and more focused on all of their daily tasks, and some even say that the product helped them overcome feelings of anxiety and depression. The one downside of TruBrain is that it requires a high dosage for maximum efficiency, so beware that if you don’t have time to throw back multiple pills in the morning.

3. Nootrobox

The Nootrobox label has two products, Rise, and Sprint, that are meant to be used together. That said, you can also take them separately if you don’t feel the need for both. Rise contains brain-boosting ingredients like bacopa monnieri; Sprint contains caffeine and glucuronolactone to help you maximize that cognitive function with added energy. All things considered, Nootrobox knows what it’s doing.

4. Alpha Brain

Perfect for beginners to the nootropic community, Alpha Brain contains safe, natural ingredients that have been tested by third-party researchers at Boston University. If you’re a little skittish at the thought of messing with your brain chemistry, Alpha Brain is a good place to start. It’s also very effective: Those same researchers found that study participants reported feeling more alert and more motivated to complete tasks after taking Alpha Brain.

5. Mind Lab Pro

If you’re looking for a great general nootropic without caffeine, Mind Lab Pro might be exactly what you’re looking for? Caffeine, while good for increasing energy, can cause some issues at high doses (e.g. jitters and anxiety). By just focusing on having quality nootropic ingredients and not stimulants like caffeine, Mind Lab Pro has become one of the most popular and top reviewed nootropics around.

6. Optimind

Optimind contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to enhance your brain, including huperzine-A, a compound that’s used to fight the effects of Alzheimer’s. However, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly subscription in order to access this product. It isn’t commercially available because its manufacturers want to encourage people to use it on a regular schedule for maximum results.

7. SmartX

SmartX was introduced on the show Shark Tank back in 2014. Quickly finding both investors and manufacturers who were impressed by its results, it’s currently one of the most popular nootropics on the market. A private study found that its users claim more than a 55 percent increase in focus after using SmartX! It’s one of the few nootropic products to be scientifically vetted like this, and the results speak for themselves.

8. NOW True Focus

While not the most potent of the supplements on this list, NOW True Focus has such an affordable price tag that it’s worth mentioning for naysayers and newcomers. If you want to try a nootropic supplement but aren’t willing to spend a ton of money on it just yet, NOW True Focus can be your gateway purchase. True to its name, it will improve your focus until you’re ready to tackle whatever tasks are in front of you.

9. Excelerol

Billed as a “cognitive enhancer,” Excelerol contains about 20 different nootropic ingredients in a cocktail of mind-boosting power. It’s a great product if you want an all-purpose supplement; however, if you’re looking for something that enhances specific areas of the brain devoted to focus, memory or motivation, you might need something more specialized.

10. PS100

Phosphatidyl serine is a compound that helps the brain communicate with its cells. It’s the primary ingredient in PS100, so if you feel like you need an extra kick before dealing with your in-tray, consider this supplement to help you. It’s non-addictive and safe to use every day.

11. BrainStack

BrainStack lives up to its name by being “stacked” with ingredients like Huperzine-A, L-theanine, and Alpha GPC. It even contains a dash of caffeine to wake you up on sluggish mornings. Its one flaw is that it can be ineffective in small doses, so you might find yourself taking more pills to achieve the same results after a while. Ultimately, however, you control your dosage.

These are just 11 nootropics that you should consider putting in your office desk or cabinet. Whether you’re cramming for final exams or hoping to boost your brainpower before a big meeting, these products might be exactly what you need to surpass your limitations.