When talking about building a successful brand page on social platforms, people generally associate that with Facebook or Twitter. However, there are some other platforms as well that are constantly gaining popularity and are becoming top places for building a brand image.

One such platform is Instagram, which became a top place for promoting businesses and for establishing their online presence. With almost 800 million monthly active users, Instagram offers good opportunities not just for business growth, but also for better reach of targeted audience.

When comparing Instagram to other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, we can easily conclude that Instagram has a nice business vibe attached to it, while other platforms are a bit more personal. With Instagram, you can instantly upload quality photos and then use different filters to make them look great.The ability for visual story sharing is a great factor that contributes to building up the brand page.

Consumers love to visit places with good visual content because pictures can sometimes explain and show certain things better than words. People tend to like pages with more pictures because no one wants to spend much of their time reading many pages of written content. Visual content is easily processed and generally, people understand it better.

The key to building a successful brand page on Instagram is uploading photographs of the highest quality that are related to your business. You can use the quality photographs to communicate the main message of your business and tell your story. That way you are adding a personality to your business and you are making your brand look more attractive to consumers.

You can share what happens behind your daily business operations and make your business transparent to the audience. Instagram is a really great place for showcasing the products or services you offer. Instagram filters can make everything look cool and visually appealing, and you can also build your brand by showing the audience some nice moments of your office.

When thinking about building your brand page on Instagram, the main thing that comes to mind is that this platform is ideal for presenting products. You can add quality photos of the products you sell on the market or make some nice videos that will show off your business products.

Instagram gives good opportunities to all businesses, regardless in which industry they operate. Businesses that are service-based can also use this platform to present themselves and build their brand. The way in which you use this social platform depends on your creativity. Check out this short video presented by Instagram itself with their tips for new brand pages.

Make sure to make use of Instagram hashtags when uploading your new posts. Using hashtags on Instagram properly can make a huge difference in your Instagram brand page engagement. Don’t make the mistake of putting too many hashtags, only use a few authentic and most suitable hashtags for your post and you might get to the trending page for these hashtags!

If you do succeed getting to the trending page for a popular hashtag your brand page on Instagram will flood with new organic engagement from Instagram users. Posts on trending pages for specific hashtags are picked by Instagram algorithms by counting various metrics, but one of the main metrics is engagement (likes, views & comments) gain within first few hours when the post is fresh. If it is engaging enough there is a huge chance it will be on the trending page!  You may ask how do I get the engagement need for my post to get to that trending page for my hashtags.

There are some companies that do just that! If you are into that you may think about hiring a social media marketing agency which can provide a quick boost of engagement just for that! BuySocialMediaMarketing is one of the most reputable companies that can help you buy Instagram like you are looking to boost your presence on the photo-sharing site.

All in all, with Instagram you can successfully build your brand page in a very fun way. You can promote your business to a very large audience, track different patterns, and also generate more traffic. No matter how big or small is your business, you need to take advantage of Instagram and use it as a tool for successfully building your brand.