Webinars and online conferences are increasingly becoming necessary for the growth of many businesses. In the course of running a blog or owning a business, there is probably going to come a time when hosting a webinar or online conference will become crucial.

If you ever intend to teach a course, train employees, run a workshop, or conduct an online panel discussion, a webinar or online conference tool will be a convenience tool you will need.

MyOwnConference is a platform for holding webinars, conferences and presentations online. It allows organizing events with the total number of attendees ranging from 20 to 1,500, and up to 10 speakers connected simultaneously.

If you need to organize a webinar, conduct a meeting with employees from another office, or present your service or product to remote customers, MyOwnConference offers you a customized solution for each event.

You can get more than 100 features and tools for webinars, and six affordable pricing plans. You can also create, promote, and protect your corporate identity.

Features of the webinar platform includes recording, auto-webinars, chat, video demos, screen sharing and listener statistics. The platform enables businesses to conduct meetings and conferences with colleagues, clients, and employees located remotely.

The platform offers other useful tools like:

● Flexible localization settings (16 languages). Each online broadcast viewer can select the interface language one prefers.
● Demonstration of any multimedia materials, e.g. images, text documents, videos, keynotes etc.
● Online surveys among attendees, which help to raise involvement of the audience.
● Online text chat with a possibility of saving the messages history and its further downloading to a carrier.
● Broadcast recording that can be sent to YouTube and Dropbox in an eye blink.

The application works with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and other apps.

MyOwnConference offers 30 days free trial period. All functionality is available during this period. The only limitations are maximum 20 attendees per webinar maximum, and 20 minutes of webinar recording. It is a great opportuity to evaluate the platform before you sign up for any service package.