Health cannot be taken for granted. As your life gets busier, it becomes even more important to take good care of yourself. As a business professionals on the go, convenience may be crucial for you, but staying hydrated is even more important to stay healthy. Research estimates that 75% of Americans can be classified as chronically dehydrated. You can make reusable water bottle your favorite accessory. It doesn’t have to be an inconvience.

OMI Bottle wants to help you stay hydrated in style. OMI Bottle is an innovative and stylish water bottle that comes with a sliding Monday-Sunday pill dispenser.

OMI simplifies your life by allowing you to carry your water and supplements together at all times. You’ll never forget to take them again. OMI comes in three different colors you can choose from: Stone Silver, Pearl White and Rose Gold.

“OMI was born from my frustration of always forgetting to take my key essential supplements for days in a row”, says Nadia Adechoubou, Founder of OMI.

“I would reach the end of the month and realize that my bottles of supplements were still pretty full. This was happening not because I did not care but rather because my supplements were not always within reach and my busy lifestyle was not helping either. At the same time, I was also going through a period where I was trying to drink more water, therefore I was always making sure I carried a water bottle with me wherever I went.” she said.

OMI was designed by a team of health and wellness enthusiasts with the goal to help people reach their health and wellness goals. Th team recently launched their Kickstarter campaign to create the awareness for their products and raise the funding necessary to fund their tooling costs to bring this bottle to market.

To learn more about OMI Bottle, check out their Kickstarter page to pre-order. You can also follow OMI on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates.