“Hang on a minute – you want me to help another blog for free?” Yep, you got it in one! Guest blogging seems as if you’re helping a potential competitor increase their traffic with your help, but the reality is different. Sure, people will flock to the site when they hear the king of content is gracing a blog with his presence. However, the website won’t be the only one to benefit from the spike in traffic. You, yes you, will also be able to profit from the merger, and here are the reasons why.

Establishes reputation

All blogs and sites want well-written and quality content to rank highly on Google results pages. Unfortunately, not everyone is a wordsmith on a mission to make the internet a better place. Step forward your good self: a person ready to make a difference. The content you produce ticks all of the boxes and creates a following, albeit on another platform.

The good news is that readers don’t just associate the site with quality but the writer too. Therefore, you will increase your following and fans will look for your posts all over the web. As such, it will lead them to the platforms which you are aiming to strengthen.

Boosts exposure

As a direct result of your fame on other blogs, the traffic on your site will increase. Now, traffic is not the be all and end all and doesn’t guarantee success, yet it helps. The reason is twofold: supply and demand and enticement. Firstly, the more people you have visiting the site, the better the chance of a conversion.

This may be a cliché, but it’s true and the mathematics backs it up. Secondly, once people are on the site, there is a chance to lure them into a sale. Because they would never have been there before, it’s a chance to make money that didn’t exist previously.

Links back

You are the writer, so the links within the main body of the text are down to your digression. Now, it’s worth noting that this is a lot of responsibility and you shouldn’t shamelessly self-promote. But, the good news is that the top guest bloggers know how to link their brand to almost any angle.

It’s what makes them worth hiring in the first place. If you are unsure about the importance of backlinks, Skip The Line Backlinks can fill in the gaps. The thing to remember is that a popular blog is a big hit with search engines.

Networks with larger publications

Forget about the exposure and esteem for a moment and think about consumer perception. Yes, guest blogging helps to boost your reputation, but it also increases the street cred of the site.

As soon as people see it linked with reputable publications, they assume it has to be a high-quality platform. The fantastic thing about this is that they don’t check; they just guess. And, thanks to word of mouth advertising, the “myth” picks up steam.