Many businesses overlook offering incentives to their customers because it’s costly. But when you look at the benefits incentives provide, such as keeping customers loyal, it’s a cost well worth considering. Customers want to feel valued, not exploited. Offering incentives reward them for using your product or service, increasing customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.

If you want to keep your customers loyal to your business in 2018, why not try out the below incentives to keep them coming back for more?

Gift cards

Gift cards are expensive to offer as incentives, but there are ways you can make money from doing so. For example, if a customer spends more than $100 at one time, a $5 Google Play credit offer isn’t going to damage the finances of your business too much.

In fact, offering such a bonus could be the difference in a customer spending $110 instead of $80, so it’s worth doing. You could go on and create different levels of loyalty by offering bigger gift card spends when they spend $200 or $300.

Free next day delivery

Customers don’t want to wait three days when they order a product from your website, and they likely don’t want to pay for next day delivery either. By offering free next day delivery on certain products or spends, you’re giving your customers the incentive to keep coming back for more. Next day delivery is expensive, but if you implement such a bonus for those who spend more, it’s not going to burn holes in your pockets.

Discounts on the next purchase

Another good one to keep customers coming back for more is to offer them discounts when they order again. This could be anything from 5% to 25% off on their next order. You’ll need to be sensible when offering this to customers, as you could lose out, but it’s certainly an incentive to consider implementing if customer loyalty is important to you.

It’s also a bonus for the customer in the sense they could have a discount on their next order that they would otherwise be paying full price for. It would take a lot to work out, but it’s a bonus that could pay dividends for your business.

Free competitions

Once your customer spends $10, enter them into a free competition that gives them the chance to win $100. For every $10 a customer spends, it means they get multiple entries into the competition. You could do the competition on a monthly basis, so it’s not going to cost a lot to keep going. Such an incentive might not keep customers loyal as such, but again, it could be the difference in getting them to spend $20 instead of $10.

Of course, you’re probably not going to benefit too much if you constantly hand out incentives to your customers. However, you could create a loyalty program that would give them access to such incentives should they regularly spend money in your business. If you stay loyal to your customers and show them you appreciate their custom, they will always stay loyal to you by spending money.