SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies, especially startups find it sometimes difficult to let the whole world know that their product or service exists. Once an advertisement is done, everything should start running smoothly. But the big hurdle is how to increase your brand awareness.

Well, nowadays with social media, email marketing, and several online strategies, it is quite easy to do that. In the market, there are several software companies who might give tough competition. Therefore, strategic planning and promotion are the only things that will give you an edge over the other companies.

Being a startup, you might find it difficult to make your way through the big and establishes companies by fighting with them. Instead, it is good to collaborate or use their huge base of clients and give your services in return for the initial days.

Why is Brand Awareness Important?

Brand awareness is the hallmark of every company. It gives instant brand recognition and visibility. After such promotion, people will know first, that you exist, secondly, that you provide software services and third, that you are a big brand and so, you are trustworthy. Make sure to do the brand awareness in the best way to leave a good remark on prospective clients.

Strategies to Reach Brand Awareness

Some of the strategies are given below to help you create your brand vibe all across the globe.


It is one of the best ways being used to advertise in a subtle manner. With an informal and friendly tone of writing, you can reach millions of people. What is important in blogging is the content you create and the way you respond to your readers.

It is crucial to keep in mind that your readers can be potential customers so do not neglect their questions or comments. Instead, write your next blog directly answering the questions or concerns raised by your readers. It is a good way to build brand loyalty along with awareness.

Also, advertise your blog on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others to be an active online participant.

Email marketing

Although one of the oldest and traditional methods that still works, is email marketing. Write emails with proper relevant content, add 1 or 2 pictures and maybe add the link to your website. Also, remember to have a catchy subject line which will engage the audience to read.

Nowadays, many things can be done with emails and one of them is putting an email signature at the end of the email. It is another very appropriate way of creating brand awareness.

The email signature can be created using online professional email signature generator where professionals create such signatures. Be careful, not to put too many pictures and links if you want the email to reach the Inbox and not the promotion tab.

Find established SaaS companies

Envying such established companies is easy but using them to get to the top is a winner’s job. How to do that? Well, first of all, research is the epitome of everything.

Research about the top companies and find blogs about them. Then reach out to those bloggers to write posts for you or mention you in their articles. Finally, ask for collaborations with the big companies in a mutualistic manner in which both the parties are gaining something.

Remember, by being a startup, you have fresh and great ideas. And by being an established company, you have funds, experience and a huge base of clients.

Podcast interviews

It’s a new strategy being used worldwide and will continue to grow with the high number of users of smartphones and Bluetooth devices. Many companies are already using Podcasting as a method of advertisement and promotion of their brand.

Once you are featured in a podcast, your brand will shine bright and high because of many relevant listeners and traffic. It is like being mentioned in one of the top industry’s website.

If you are startup and looking for an opportunity to create brand awareness, podcasts are the best because they are punctual (one hour means only an hour), cheap and easy to find.


It can be said that brand awareness is the one thing every startup requires but when it comes to SaaS companies, it is more important due to the competition provided by numerous other companies presented in the market.

It would be sufficient to say that several steps must be taken to ensure your company’s growth and expansion and, nowadays, since the social media is exploded, you should take full advantage of this opportunity.

Also, remember that an email marketing is quite the best thing when it comes to promotion along with podcasting and blogging!