Do you have an online product to sell but are wondering how to bring more customers to your website? There are many sophisticated tips and tricks out there, from advanced SEO manipulation strategies to viral marketing campaigns. However, it’s possible that you are simply disregarding the basics. Most of the time all you need is a solid base, so the 6 simple tips below will help you create the foundation necessary for persuading customers to return to your website and buy that product!

1. Write a compelling description

How are your writing skills? For people to be interested in buying your product, you need to come up with a clear and detailed summary of it. Today’s customers prefer the internet because they can learn in great detail about anything they want and they don’t make a purchase unless they are certain it is the best product for them. That is why every feature of the product in an e-commerce store has to be presented in simple language and an enticing manner, and ideally optimized for SEO.

2. Use product visuals

A picture tells a story just as well, or in most cases, even better than a well-written description. That is why it is extremely important to use visuals when promoting a product. Utilize a clear, high-resolution, preferably zoom-able photo and try to use a ”life simulator” setting (a context in which the customers might use it in everyday life). Instead of pictures, you can show off 3360-degree clips of the product that can prove even more effective.

3. Focus on opinion maker tools

Reviews are still strong tools for opinion formation and 70% of online consumers rely on those reviews. Make an extra effort and encourage your customers to leave a review and rate your product. While the idea of deleting negative reviews might sound tempting, it can turn out to be counterintuitive because online shoppers often become suspicious if there are only positive. Keep an eye on other websites, some that are exclusively reviewing products from different brands. Don’t forget to always respond to any valid question or complaint regarding your product, which shows you care about the customer.

4. Create buzz

Advertising is at the core of the sales industry and a marketing campaign executed correctly can sell a product quicker and more efficiently. In order to get people to talk, there are a variety of strategies you can use to get the word out. These include publishing press releases, email and social media marketing, influencer marketing and PR stunts.

5. Use incentives like free shipping and free return policy

Providing incentives (free shipping, additional discounts and free features, bonus samples, stress-free returns) to your customer are well know tactics used to ensure customer satisfaction. Such tactics can be used.

6. impress existing customers

Studies show that it is more expensive and more difficult to attract customers than it is to keep existing ones and convince them to become regulars by using your goods or services. We mentioned earlier the importance of answering the customer’s questions and concerns, but this should be extended to following up with a customer after they have made a purchase to show your appreciation by giving access to discounts, past offers and upgrades.  All of these tricks represent the basic strategies of e-commerce conversions that can help you grow your business.