Weddings are special. They are meant to be cherished forever. Once you get married, you want it to last a lifetime. Therefore, you want the wedding day to be special. It should have all the elements that you wish to see in a wedding.

There are lot of hurdles though. You need to check your financial limitations. You should also see the available dates and consider the availability of the guests. Aside from the common tips about wedding preparations, here are some more tips to take into consideration that you don’t normally find in bridal magazines.

Find a place where you can be alone during the wedding

Weddings can go on for several hours. In some cultures, it can even be up to several days. You should have a private space during the wedding where you can be alone. Not even your partner can be there. This is your chance to recharge before you meet other people again or put on a huge smile in front of the cameras. You need this space to breathe every now and then or else you will be easily stressed out.

You really need an assistant

The role of the maid of honour is to assist you when it comes to your needs. However, being part of the wedding as well, you can’t rely on the maid of honour to do even the most mundane tasks for you. You need someone who doesn’t have to show up in public to assist you all the way. You also need someone to serve as your confidante just in case your wedding jitters kick in. You don’t want to stress other people. You just need this one person whom you can easily count on for all your needs.

Choose comfort over style

Some couples choose to sacrifice personal comfort just so that they will look stylish and elegant during the wedding. This is a big no. You can make everything look great for the wedding, especially for the photos, but comfort must never be sacrificed. You need to wear a pair of shoes you can easily walk in. The dress must be of the right length. If you need a bottle of water near you, tell that to your assistant. Don’t wear too much makeup if it irritates your skin. You don’t need to change who you are just so that you will look extra special at your wedding.

Get involved in table assignments

During your wedding, everyone in your family is there. They are not necessarily on good terms. You can avoid fights and confrontation if you don’t let them sit close to each other. Arrange the tables in such a way that those who are at the same table are glad that they are seated together.

Yes, it is important to have an amazing wedding like that of Cameron Poetzscher and Varsha Rao, but you should not be stressed out in any way.