It may look like a minefield full of difficult tasks for a new entrepreneur setting up a start-up business. After all, there are thousands of already established businesses out there making a name for themselves and working hard to succeed. But this doesn’t mean it is going to be an impossible task for you to compete for a share of the marketplace.

There are a few pointers that new start-ups should look at if they really want their company to be successful. Lets take a look at some here to help give you a little bit of a head-start.

1: Good budgeting

The secret to success is to have a good budget plan in place. You want to make your money work hard for you, so it is simply not a case of attracting capital and sitting on it until it is needed. To start off with, you may be completely unaware of how much financing you are going to need to get your business off the ground. This is why you need to consult with an accountant or business budget advisor to help you establish exactly how much startup cash you are going to need as well as costing out your ongoing running expenses. You should also factor in a bit of a buffer just to cover you in case of a cash shortfall when there are issues with your cash-flow.

2: Time your launch well

Knowing the right time to launch your new start-up is going to be crucial if you are going to be able to hit the ground running. Your launch date will depend on a few factors such as how healthy your funds are looking, co-ordination of your marketing plans, your available personal time (never try to launch a business right before getting married!). You should also consider any seasonal variations, especially if you are launching a product or service that will be more attractive during one particular season.

3: Hire the best people

If there is one thing most entrepreneurs will agree on is that you need to have a strong team in place before your launch. Hiring the right people for the job is going to be crucial if your enterprise is going to be a success. Cheap labour may seem attractive at first, but if they don’t deliver good quality, it will be reflected in your reputation. It is very hard to re-build any damage done to your reputation further down the line than to start off well and maintain your good reputation. One solution is to outsource your incoming business calls to an experienced call handling service to save you having to hire reception staff and office space.

4: Build in flexibility

Just because you have worked hard on your business plan doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it religiously forever into the future. Plans can change as your business grows and new opportunities are offered to you. If you find yourself changing the path or diversifying what products or services you offer, then it is time for a make-over. Accepting new ways of working and being as flexible as possible with your working practices can bring you fantastic rewards that you may never have expected or planned for.

5: Be disciplined with yourself

Taking a famous Yoda quote from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back : Do. Or do not. There is no try.” This quote is quite good to work by for a new entrepreneur. You need a lot of self-discipline when you start a new business. You need to be able to stick to your budgets, production deadlines, contract delivery dates and record keeping. If you cannot do this, then your business will not be successful. It is as simple as that.

No matter what business sector you are going in to, if you want to succeed on a personal level, then you will be far more likely to see your business venture succeed too.